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  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: February 28 Through March 5

    March is going to be a busy month, but this week kicks off with a bunch of re-releases. If you missed Twilight Princess, Heavy Rain, or Mortal Kombat X the first time out, now's your opportunity. This week also sees a major expansion to Path of Exile, the release of Far Cry Primal on PC, and the... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Coming To PS4

    Quantic Dream is one of Sony's most ambitious first-party studios, and if you haven't played Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, their re-vamped re-releases will give you the opportunity to do so on the PS4. The pair are coming to PS4: Beyond: Two Souls is first on November 24 for $29.99 followed... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Biggest Stars Get Blocky Today In Minecraft On PS3

    A new update hit the console version of Minecraft last week , but that isn’t the only new addition if you play on the PlayStation 3. Mojang announced on the PlayStation Blog that Minecraft PlayStation 3 edition is receiving new skin and texture packs today. Skin Pack 1 includes a lineup of some... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Current-Gen Game Sparked Your Emotions

    Considering how many hours we pour into video games, getting attached to the characters and world isn’t all that surprising. The most amazing part is how something so artificial can cause such a response, even getting into our psyche. Did having a child’s life in your hands make Heavy Rain... More
  • Blog Post: Warren Spector Offers Advice and Inspiration For Gaming's Future

    Warren Spector spoke passionately and humorously today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. At his panel, entitled "Narrative in Games: Roles, Forms, Problems, and Potential," he poked fun at himself on his slides for being an "out of work guy," since Disney... More
  • Blog Post: Warren Spector Shuns Talk Of Retirement

    Disney may have closed the 57-year-old developer's Junction Point studio, but he still has the burning desire to create games. During his D.I.C.E. speech entitled "The Graying of Gaming," Warren Spector outlined how his perspectives, ambitions, and priorities have shifted from his time... More
  • Blog Post: David Cage At D.I.C.E.: Games Need To Grow Up

    [story by Andy Reiner, who is covering the D.I.C.E. convention for Game Informer] David Cage, the writer and director of Quantic Dreams' upcoming PlayStation 3 game Beyond: Two Souls, spoke at D.I.C.E. today about the video game industry refusing to grow up. His speech, titled "The Peter Pan... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Composer Passes Away

    Normand Corbeil, best known in the world of video games for his work with Quantic Dream composing the music for Heavy Rain, has passed away at 56. The sad news comes from 8bitfix.com . Corbeil was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2012, and he passed away on Friday January 25. Corbeil did... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Willem Dafoe To Co-Star In Beyond: Two Souls

    Willem Dafoe has been rumored to co-star alongside Ellen Page in the upcoming Quantic Dream developed Beyond: Two Souls. The rumor comes from GamesIndustry.biz , who is saying that the rumor comes from, "a source familiar with the project." Here's a completely unrelated video starring Dafoe... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Quantic Dream's New Game To Be Revealed Tonight

    The next project from the developer of Heavy Rain will reportedly be unveiled at Sony's E3 press conference. According to MCV , the game is called Beyond, and will be another narrative-focused experience like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. The game is being directed by David Cage, and will be a... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Developer Threatening To Move Over Tax Issue

    Paris-based Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is vocal in its demand that French tax breaks are reinstated for the benefit of it and other video game developers in the country. In January, French tax breaks to game developers expired, and getting them back might not be easy. The tax breaks were authorized... More
  • Blog Post: Most Heavy Rain Players Finished The Game (And Other Fun Facts)

    Ever wondered if having a shorter, relatively simple-to-beat game affects the percentage of players who complete it? Spoiler alert: It does! IGN posted a number of interesting stats on Heavy Rain gathered by developer Quantic Dream from the three million people who have played the game. Most interesting... More
  • Blog Post: David Cage Won’t Make Heavy Rain 2

    When Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain released in early 2010, it receive critical praise and sold better than many expected. Naturally, creator David Cage was pleased, but the designer isn’t itching to continue that success with a sequel – far from it. In a recent interview with Develop-Online... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Featured On MPR's Top Score

    Heavy Rain's score is one of the reasons that last year's hit PlayStation 3 game had such an emotional impact on players. On this weeks Minnesota Public Radio podcast, Top Score, Heavy Rain's composer talks about the process of writing music for a game filled with so much drama. French-Canadian... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Creator Says L.A. Noire's Facial Capture System Is "Dead End"

    Heavy Rain creator David Cage is a man of many opinions. The outspoken developer is never afraid to speak his mind, and now he's made some comments about the groundbreaking facial capture animation technology used in Rockstar and Team Bondi's upcoming L.A. Noire. In an interview with CVG, Cage... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain's David Cage Says Sony Has Best Developers In World

    Quantic Dream's David Cage is quickly becoming one of the most outspoken game creators in the industry, recently ruffling some feathers at his GDC presentation, in which he proclaimed "Game mechanics are evil!" However, there's no denying that the man has talent, as proved by the critical... More
  • Blog Post: David Cage: Next Project Will Be Completely Different From Heavy Rain

    In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Quantic Dream's David Cage gives a few hints about the team's upcoming project. "For our next project we’re going to build on what we have discovered with Heavy Rain. We own this genre of interactive drama and we want to show that Heavy Rain... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Gets The Mega64 Treatment

    Let's keep this short and sweet, OK? The guys over at Mega64 have released a new video skewering Heavy Rain. It includes a tough guy at a coffee shop, a guy who gets annoyed when a stranger handles his drink, and an old guy who seems confused by a bribery attempt. Watch it. More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Creator: Game Mechanics Are Evil

    With the panel entitled "Creating an Emotional Rollercoaster in Heavy Rain," Quantic Dream head David Cage encouraged fellow developers to prioritize storytelling as much as gameplay and also dropped some interesting facts about the game. Here are some of the highlights from the talk: - Heavy... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Adds Five PS3 Games To Greatest Hits Program

    Sony's Greatest Hits program is a great way for budget-minded gamers to get some of the PS3's biggest and best titles at a bargain price. Today, Sony announced that it is adding five new titles to the program. The good news? These are some amazing games; three of them standing among the very... More
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