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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Collect Special Edition Accessories?

    Earlier today, Microsoft revealed its Xbox One Titanfall controller . It's a slick-looking piece of equipment, as are many special edition accessories. But is that enough to inspire you to purchase special edition gear? Companies use these unique designs to promote an upcoming release – like... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Issues Revised Statement On Headsets, Hope For Compatibility

    This week has seen a number of stories from a variety of outlets on the state of headsets and chat on the Xbox One. Yesterday, we received further confirmation from Microsoft that only devices specifically designed for the Xbox One would be supported. Today, Microsoft has provided us with more detail... More
  • Blog Post: We Asked Astro About Next-Gen Gaming Headsets And The Xbox One

    In this month's issue, we revealed that the Xbox One won't come with a headset packed in . This news caught a second burst of attention this week, so we decided to catch up with one of gaming's premiere headset manufacturers to see how they are approaching next generation consoles. We spoke... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz Manufacturing Peripherals For Xbox One

    Peripheral manufacturers are always looking for a piece of that hardware sales pie, and it seems things will be no different on the Xbox One. Mad Catz announced today it will release a “range of innovative products” for Microsoft’s upcoming console, though it has no further details... More
  • Blog Post: Turtle Beach To Manufacture Headsets For Xbox One

    Today, video game peripheral company Turtle Beach that it will be releasing a line of gaming headsets for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. “In Turtle Beach we have a partner that can help Microsoft deliver world class gaming audio experiences to our customers,” said Turtle Beach’s... More
  • Blog Post: Razer Releasing Mass Effect 3 Inspired Gaming Peripherals

    Razer, which is known for making some of the most high-quality aftermarket gaming peripherals in the industry, has announced a series of products inspired by BioWare's upcoming RPG epic Mass Effect 3. The products all sport a Mass Effect look and feel. Hardcore fans will be able to get a ME3 style... More
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