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  • Blog Post: Fan Art Imagines Every Hat Worn By A Single Spy In Team Fortress 2

    Update: As promised by artist Ashley Lange, the speed-painting video of her impressive piece is now online. Original story: Artist Ashley Lange has drawn every hat offered by Team Fortress 2 (with a few reasonable exceptions) and placed them on the head of a Spy with impeccable balance. You can head... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Valve Selling Limited Edition Team Fortress 2 Hats For Japan Relief

    [Update] Well, it looks like the Team Fortress 2 community is one of the most charitable in all of gaming. On its Team Fortress site, Valve just revealed that its sale of limited edition in-game hats for TF2 has raised a whopping $430,543.65 in only a little over two weeks. That's an impressive number... More
  • Blog Post: Shogun 2 Hats Coming To Team Fortress 2

    Valve is giving away eight medieval Japanese-flavored cosmetic items for its online shooter to anyone who pre-orders Total War: Shogun 2 through Steam. The items, created by community member Larolaro, are also available as a standalone purchase or through drops or crafting within Team Fortress 2. Players... More
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