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  • Blog Post: Guillermo Del Toro Still Shopping Insane To Publishers

    Previous reports claiming that Del Toro had already lined up a new publisher for his survival horror game proved premature. Speaking to the Toronto Sun about the Insane trilogy, which THQ cancelled last year , the critically acclaimed film director said his ambitious video game project is still being... More
  • Blog Post: GLaDOS' Appearance In Pacific Rim Is A Valve Approved Cameo

    A trailer appeared online recently for Guillermo del Toro's next movie, Pacific Rim , and it featured the voice of GLaDOS from Portal. Del Toro confirmed in an interview with the Toronto Sun that GLaDOS' appearance is Valve approved. Del Toro said that he is a big fan of the Portal series and... More
  • Blog Post: GLaDOS Sneaks Into Guillermo Del Toro’s Next Movie

    We already knew that superstar director Guillermo Del Toro was a giant geek . Not only is Del Toro currently working on a horror-themed video game, Insane , but he also managed to sneak Portal's GLaDOS into his next film, Pacific Rim. We had heard that Portal star Ellen McLain was going to be featured... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Del Toro's 'Insane' Has New Developer

    According to a report from Bloody Disgusting, Guillermo Del Toro's video game project Insane has found a new, unidentified developer. The first studio he pitched the idea to said yes. Del Toro said back in October he was still looking for a team to take over the project after THQ canceled its production... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo del Toro's House Has More Atmosphere Than BioShock

    Film director Guillermo del Toro is still looking for a new developer for his video game idea Insane , but we think that he should just turn his house into a game. This video is taken from one of the special features on the Blu-ray and DVD editions of del Toro's film Cronos . Can you spot any video... More
  • Blog Post: Del Toro's 'Insane' Seeking New Developer

    Director Guillermo Del Toro says his recently canceled project with THQ 'Insane' is seeking a new development partner. "We are talking to developers," Del Toro said to Kotaku at the New York Comic Con. "When something doesn't happen one way I just continue pursuing it another... More
  • Blog Post: THQ Cancels Insane Trilogy

    THQ said today it has canceled pre-production on Insane, the trilogy project from Volition Studios and movie director Guillermo Del Toro. The publisher said it has returned the rights of the game to Del Toro. The game was first revealed in December 2010. Since then, no other information has surfaced... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo del Toro On The Lovecraftian Nature Of Insane

    Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro talks about the process of making games and what he’s learned while working on his new project, Insane. We still don’t have many details on Insane, THQ’s new project in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro, but the renowned... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo Del Toro's Insane May Not Be A Trilogy After All

    When THQ announced Insane, a new horror game being created by Volition and visionary movie director Guillermo del Toro, at the Spike Video Game Awards , the new IP was already being talked about as a trilogy. However, at GDC THQ has clarified that it will only be a trilogy if the first game works out... More
  • Blog Post: Insane To Be “An Original Trilogy of Triple-A Games”

    After months of rumor and speculation , THQ and Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro announced their partnership at the Spike Video Game Awards this past weekend. With the initial hubbub subsided, THQ is now dropping more details on its relationship with del Toro. In a very forward looking... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo Del Toro Reveals Insane With Creepy Trailer

    THQ and director Guillermo del Toro have been keeping this project under wraps with very few clues on what to expect. Last we heard, del Toro described the game he is working on as "...a very different type of horror game. It's not survival horror. It's truly a strange, geeky mix. It's... More
  • Blog Post: Director Del Toro's Game To Be Announced At VGAs

    THQ creative executive Danny Bilson revealed during his IGDA keynote speech that the company's collaborative venture with acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro is set to be announced publicly at the Spike TV Video Game Awards next month. [Del Toro] is partnered very closely with myself and my... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo Del Toro Working On Games With THQ, THQ Says Otherwise

    We heard a few months back that Guillermo del Toro had an announcement to make with a big company about a game he’s been working on, but have yet to hear about what the Hellboy director has planned, until now. In a recent interview with MTV, he revealed that he is working on a couple of projects... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo del Toro Set To Announce Video Game Projects

    The ex-Hobbit director says that he's got a pending announcement about a video game he's been working on, and it involves a big player in the industry. "One of the things we're announcing in the next few weeks is a big deal with a big company," he told MTV News . "We're... More
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