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  • Blog Post: Xbox One Is Your TV Guide

    Microsoft demonstrated how its new console lets users navigate their television watching through Kinect-powered voice commands at the Xbox One announcement event this afternoon. The guide pulls up voice-commanded searches based on names of shows (“watch Mary & Martha”) or networks (“what’s... More
  • Blog Post: Win A Batman: Arkham City Official Map App Or Guide

    Even if you’ve been playing Batman: Arkham City since it released earlier this week, you probably haven’t found every Riddler trophy. Maybe one of these official guides will help. The Official Batman: Arkham City Map App includes all of the game’s major locations, and shows you where... More
  • Blog Post: Prima Not Reprinting Faulty Mortal Kombat Guide

    Fighting fans who purchased Prima's strategy guide for Mortal Kombat are not happy, even resorting to setting it on fire on YouTube. It turns out that the team at NetherRealm Studios was still tweaking moves and damage information when the book was sent to the printer, so a significant amount of... More
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