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  • Blog Post: Create A New World And History In Dwarf Fortress With Updated Visuals

    Dwarf Fortress, possibly one of the deepest and most complex video games you've never heard about, is now playable in isometric 3D thanks to Stonesense, a team of modders. The base game, released in 2006, has visuals composed entirely of ASCII. Stonesense has taken upon itself to create a more visually... More
  • Blog Post: We're Giving Away Three Copies Of The Art Of Titanfall

    Update: Winners have been selected! Check your inbox! Original story: Titanfall is nearly upon us, and Respawn and Titan Books have put together an art book to showcase the game's impressive concept art. We've got three copies of the book to give away away. If you're interested in getting... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming Luminaries Discuss The Philosophy Of Video Game Graphics

    Have you ever wondered what video game legends like Nolan Bushnell, Will Wright, and Hideo Kojima think about video games? A new documentary series pins such talent to a chair and asks them to spill their guts on games. The Critical Path Project is a is a new online documentary series that tries to capture... More
  • Blog Post: Graphical Issues Widely Reported With PC Version Of Rage

    Today marks the release of id's highly-anticipated Rage, but many PC users are having a frustrating time thanks to widespread visual issues. Users on Reddit have been discussing the issue today, and it's gone so far as to become a running joke . From what users are reporting, it seems to be primarily... More
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