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  • Blog Post: Vice City Recreated In Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod

    Taltigolt, a YouTube personality known for his modding abilities, revealed yesterday that he is recreating Vice City in Grand Theft Auto V. Taltigolt has garnered significant attention for his commitment to accuracy. His mod remains a work in progress, but it will be exciting to see the project come... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Issues Apology For Delayed Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

    We were all excited for the new content of the I'm Not A Hipster update for GTA Online, but we couldn't help but notice the lack of promised heists. Rockstar has responded. Adding an addendum to its recent post detailing the I'm Not a Hipster update , Rockstar offered the following statement... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Title Update Version 1.09 Available Now

    The latest patch for GTA V is available to download now. The list of patch notes is incredibly short containing only two fixes. You can see the full list below, or check it out on Rockstar's support website here . Improved anti-cheat measures Fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits It's your typical... More
  • Blog Post: Time-Lapse Video Captures A Beautiful Los Santos

    Our visits to Los Santos have the habit of ending in total mayhem . YouTuber NGSUniverse, also known as Ferino Design, went a different and much more respectful direction. “The Rhythm of Los Santos” captures the life of the satirical SoCal metropolis. See for yourself in the video below –... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Continues To Resolve Grand Theft Auto Online Issues, Lost Items Under Investigation

    Rockstar updated its support site this afternoon to let players know that it resolved instability issues that appeared in the PlayStation 3 version of the game this morning. The update also lets players know that Rockstar is investigating reports of lost characters, items, apartments, cars, progress... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Takes The Top Spot On Xbox Live

    Despite its online issues, Grand Theft Auto V still managed to jump to the top of the Xbox 360's most played list for the week September 30. Xbox Live's Major Nelson's list, which he posted recently on his blog , tracks games played by people who are signed into Xbox Live, even if they aren't... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Grand Theft Auto Online Continues To Experience Connectivity Issues

    Grand Theft Auto Online has been experiencing issues since its launch earlier today, but Rockstar is doing its best to get the game up and running. On Rockstar's official support website , it has put together a list of identifiable, persistent problems that it is working to fix. Some players are... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Early Copies Of Grand Theft Auto V Under Investigation By Rockstar

    If you have made a visit to the Internet in the past 24 hours, you may have noticed that there are a few people who have Grand Theft Auto V early. Rockstar Games is looking into how that happened. In a statement offered to GamesIndustry.biz , Rockstar said, "We are in the process of investigating... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Xbox Live Avatar Items And PSN Gamer Pics Now Available

    You can now adorn your Xbox Live avatar in Grand Theft Auto themed clothing, or purchase "Chop" the Rottweiler to be your Avatar's pet. You can also purchase Grand Theft Auto V themed Gamer Pics for your PlayStation avatar, or your Xbox Live Avatar as well. The PlayStation Network avatar... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Mural Appears In Manhattan

    UPDATE : We have a new shot of the finished Grand Theft Auto V mural. Instagram user palmavivausa recently posted this image of the Mahattan art in his photo gallery: Original Story: A mural has appeared in Manhattan that looks like it could eventually be Grand Theft Auto V's official box art. Reddit... More
  • Blog Post: Intrepid Fan Begins Building GTA V's Map Based On Screens And Trailers

    Click for larger version A motivated fan over on GTAForums.com has begun to piece together Grand Theft Auto V's map based on all the assorted screenshots and trailers that have been let loose into the public. They go by the name jbte , and have clearly spent a lot of time staring at every piece of... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Max Payne 3 May Contain A List Of GTA V's Cars

    Details hidden deep within the recesses of Max Payne 3's source code could be a possible list of all the vehicles that will appear in Grand Theft Auto V. There isn't a lot of evidence to substantiate the validity of the list, but it's not impossible. Also, what else could this list possibly... More
  • Blog Post: This Could Be Grand Theft Auto V's Main Man

    It appears one of Grand Theft Auto V's biggest mysteries has been solved. Actor Ned Luke has been cast to voice Albert De Silva in GTA V, at least according to his IMDB page . The dots were originally connected by contributors to GTAForums , who also discovered the voice-over and character likeness... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Sales Predictions

    Grand Theft Auto IV smashed gaming sales records when it launched in 2008. According to U.S. retail tracking firm NPD, GTA IV sold nearly 3 million copies in its debut month in just five days, making it the fastest-selling game in history during that period. All told, Take-Two says it has shipped over... More
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