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  • Blog Post: Golden Sun Began As A Nintendo 64 Game Before Moving To Game Boy Advance

    Golden Sun may not have the same RPG clout as something like Final Fantasy, but the series has a history and some interesting development stories. The latest video from Did You Know Gaming looks at the history of the three-game series, Golden Sun, with the help of acapella YouTube musician Smooth McGroove... More
  • Blog Post: GBA Titles Golden Sun: The Lost Age And Onimusha Tactics Now Available On Wii U

    The Wii U received a pair of new (old) games this afternoon with the Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Onimusha Tactics. The Lost Age is the sequel to Golden Sun, which released for the Virtual Console April of last year . We gave Golden Sun: The Lost Age an 8 when it released in 2003. Onimusha Tactis, a... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario Bros. 3 Out Now On Wii U And 3DS

    Rejoice! Super Mario Bros. 3, one of Nintendo's most beloved NES platformers, is finally out on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. You could celebrate by dressing up in your Tanooki suit, or you could just relive the good ol' days with the trailer below. Even if Mario isn't your game of choice, several... More
  • Blog Post: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity And Golden Sun Trailers Remind Us They're Coming To Wii U Soon

    Nintendo has released a pair of trailers to highlight next week's Game Boy Advance Virtual Console releases. To see trailers for the Game Boy Advance games that have so far released on the Wii U's Virtual Console head here . Thursday saw the release of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and WarioWare... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario Bros. 3, Slew Of GBA Games Fill Virtual Console In April

    Nintendo has released its list of games that will be hitting the Virtual Console this April, and it's filled with Game Boy Advance titles and a little something called Super Mario Bros. 3. The entire roster is pretty great, but the addition of the long-awaited Super Mario Bros. 3 is the big news... More
  • Blog Post: Have You Ever Received A Game You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until You Had It?

    It’s the holiday season, which means a lot of people are getting presents. Many of those presents will be video game related. Some of those will be games you want, and maybe some of those will be games you don’t want. My question is, have you ever gotten a game you didn’t even know... More
  • Blog Post: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn E3 Trailer

    The video announcing a new Golden Sun on DS that Nintendo showed at its E3 press conference is now available right here in high definition. The "high definition" part is critical, because somewhere in Nintendo's marketing division, a junior artist spent tens of minutes creating the background... More
  • Blog Post: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Announced For DS

    During the Nintendo press conference today, the company announced Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS. It features 3D character models and environments, and appears to carry on the turn-based RPG gameplay the series is known for. It will release this holiday season. More
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