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  • Blog Post: The Witcher 3 & Classic Games Bundles On Deep Discount At GOG

    Classic game purveyors GOG.com, run by The Witcher 3 developers CD Projekt, have a crazy good sale going on until November 29 featuring The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at deep discount as well as themed bundles of titles from yesteryear. The Witcher 3 is available digitally for 50 percent off, as well as these... More
  • Blog Post: GoG Fall Sale Offers Opportunity To Unlock Three Free Games

    GoG has kicked off its fall festival of savings. This year, you can unlock three games for your library by spending different amounts in the store. There are more than 360 games on sale, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Pillars of Eternity, and Age of Wonders III. Daily bundles include a trio of classic... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeons & Dragons Classics Back For More Adventures On GOG

    Seven retro Dungeons & Dragons PC games are now available on GOG, making them available for players who previously lacked access to the original releases or the inclination to get them running on modern machines. The games are part of the Ravenloft, Krynn, and Dark Sun series. Dungeons & Dragons... More
  • Blog Post: System Shock: Enhanced Edition Available Now On GoG

    While System Shock 2 has been available for contemporary PC and Mac hardware for a number of years, its predecessor hadn’t been given the spit and polish treatment. That changes today, as the enhanced edition of Irrational Games’ and Looking Glass Studios' groundbreaking title lands on... More
  • Blog Post: Classic Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons Games Remembered Again On GoG Today

    The Forgotten Realms branch of the Dungeons & Dragons universe has had a long and storied history in gaming. GoG has managed to pull together 13 of those classic games in three different compilations available today. Collection one ($9.99) includes the Eye of the Beholder trilogy. The second ($9... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: More Than 650 Games On Sale Today At GoG, Battle Realms Available Free

    Last week, GoG kicked off its summer sale . Today, the DRM-free storefront is offering all of the previously discounted games and bundles at the same time. This amounts to over 650 games and 20 bundles. Today also includes the addition of three Telltale Games series to GoG Galaxy (the storefront's... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: GoG Summer Sale Kicks Off Today

    GoG is putting your wallet on notice, as its 2015 summer sale is underway. As usual, all of the games on offer are DRM-free. The sale runs through June 21, and GoG is offering bonuses if you reach three different spending thresholds. If you spend at least $1, you'll get a copy of SimCity 2000. At... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: GOG Strips DRM From Darksiders, Metro: Last Light Redux, And Three More

    GOG has announced the addition of five new titles to its library. In partnership with Deep Silver and Nordic Games, these games are available without DRM and at a discount for the week. Included in GOG’s library now are the following titles: Metro: Last Light Redux (50 percent off, $12.49) Saints... More
  • Blog Post: CD Projekt Warns Against Purchasing The Witcher 3 Keys From Green Man Gaming

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developers CD Projekt RED have asked gamers not to buy pre-purchase PC codes for the game from online seller Green Man Gaming (GMG). The codes for the game on the site were sold at a 35 percent discount before being brought back up to $59.99. Despite the short-lived discount... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Titles To Live Long, Prosper On GOG.com

    A trio of Interplay Star Trek titles are making their digital premier on the DRM-free games portal GOG.com Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (a point-and-click adventure game), Star Trek: Judgement Rites (the sequel to 25th Anniversary), and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (simulator, above) are all available... More
  • Blog Post: GOG’s Steam Competitor, GOG Galaxy, Now In Open Beta

    A year ago before E3, GOG announced a new DRM-free platform to compete with Steam. Today, GOG Galaxy goes into open beta. The software offers a library system that allows users to enable auto-updates, chat support, and cross-play with other platforms (like Steam). All of this is optional and can be disabled... More
  • Blog Post: Four New Star Wars Games Arrive On GoG, Others Land On Steam

    Even though Star Wars Celebration is behind us, Star Wars Day is rapidly approaching. Not familiar with Star Wars Day? Well, it’s held every year on May the 4th. To celebrate, GoG has added two more titles to its LucasArts catalog Star Wars: Rebel Assault and Star Wars Rebel Assault II are full... More
  • Blog Post: Six Classic LucasArts Titles Arrive On GoG, Including Loom And Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb

    Six classic LucasArts titles, three of which have never been available digitally before, have made their ways to Good Old Games . The first three titles listed below are having digital distribution premieres. The last three have been made available to download before, but not on GOG.com – and they're... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay Title Cyberia Now Available On GOG.com

    Senior associate editor Tim Turi calls Cyberia the worst game he has ever beaten, and now it's available to play from Good Old Games . Originally released in 1994, Cyberia is a PC adventure game with puzzles and on-rails shooting segments, and it is absolutely terrible. We played through the game... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II And Two Others Arrive On GoG

    Three more LucasArts Star Wars classics have made their way to GoG.com. As usual, these titles are DRM-free (and worth your time). This batch includes Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which realized our dreams of first-person lightsaber battles. Kyle Katarn’s second adventure pulls in Jedi... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron And More Join GoG LucasArts Library Today

    As if this week’s announcement from GoG didn’t generate enough Force-powered excitement, there are even more LucasArts titles available now. Among them is the much anticipated Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The title offers more arcade-style action than the X-Wing series, allowing players to... More
  • Blog Post: GoG Welcomes Six More Star Wars Titles, Including Three Digital Premieres

    In October, GoG became home to six classic LucasArts titles , including X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Today, six more games join the library. All six of the titles come from the Star Wars universe. X-Wing Alliance, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power see their... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: GoG’s DRM-Free Winter Sale Kicks Off With Free Age Of Wonders

    GoG’s last sale just ended, making it the perfect time for, well, another sale. This time, members can get one of 250,000 free copies of Age of Wonders. In order to take advantage of the offer, you simply need to go to GoG.com and request your copy (while supplies last). The offer is half-way down... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: GoG Offers Mount & Blade, The Witcher 2 For Free During Big Fall Sale

    Online storefront GoG has launched its Big Fall Sale, which includes action-RPG Mount & Blade for free during the first two days. There's also a chance to earn a free copy of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The offers, which include discounts of up to 90 percent and over 700 reduced price... More
  • Blog Post: GoG.com Launches French Site With A Free Game Giveaway

    Popular game download site GoG.com just launched a French storefront in a continuing effort to make their site available to people all over the world. To honor the new site they are currently giving away free copies of classic French developed game Little Big Adventure. The deal ends in a little less... More
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