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  • Blog Post: Sony Shows Off God Of War Ascension Single Player And Unveils Release Date

    Sony came out of the gate with its God of War Ascension announcement showing co-op, but now we get a chance to see the single-player game in action. The demo began with Kratos on a boat, immediately calling back memories of the first God of War. The boat docked on an island that seemed to be in the middle... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Teases God of War Announcement

    Update 2 : It's for God of War Ascension. Check out the announcement story here . ------------------------------------ Update : It was discovered on NeoGAF the file name for the teaser image on Sony's website is "ps_gow-teaser," suggesting heavily this is indeed a new God of War game... More
  • Blog Post: Possible God Of War IV Teaser Trailer Leaked

    A low quality, off-screen video teasing God of War IV has appeared on YouTube. There's no appearance of Kratos, or any gameplay, but the logo you see above appears at the end. There is also a barely distinguishable voice (due to the low quality of the video) that seems to say, "brother,"... More
  • Blog Post: South African Retailer Outs Existence of God of War 4

    The fact that Sony is working on God of War 4 is becoming the worst-kept secret in the game industry. Today, a South African game retailer put up a page taking preorders for the game on its website. The chain, BT Games, has revealed unannounced games before, including the Jak and Daxter Collection. This... More
  • Blog Post: God Of War IV Appears On Composer's Resume

    Composer Timothy Williams updated his resume recently, and appears to have added that he has done some work on a new, not yet announced God of War game. Doing music for a new God of War would certainly fall in line with Williams' other work. He has done music for many films including 300, Conan the... More
  • Blog Post: Sony To Unveil God Of War 4?

    Kratos' trilogy may be over (or so they say...), but the God of War series lives on, and there are rumors that Sony and developer Sony Santa Monica will be unveiling the next game in the franchise this afternoon when Sony holds its E3 press conference. Not much is known about the title, other than... More
  • Blog Post: New God of War in 2012?

    Kratos' trilogy of God of War titles may be over, but there's no doubt that Sony will continue the blockbuster series. A new rumor says we can expect the next game in the franchise in 2012. According to magazine PSM3, an anonymous source says that the next God of War title will hit in September... More
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