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  • Blog Post: Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Leads YouTube’s January Top Trending Games

    YouTube has released a new list of trending games on the service. Two of the games on the list aren’t out yet, but had betas pushing interest to the top of the rankings. Topping the list is the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. An open beta in the middle of the month was available... More
  • Blog Post: "Super Secret" Goat Simulator DLC Incoming

    Coffee Stain games revealed that some new content is heading to Goat Simulator. What's kind of new content? The "Super Secret" kind. The announcement came in the form of a cinematic riffing the opening scene from Reservoir Dogs. Check it out below. More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: August 9 Through August 15

    Salvation is only a few weeks away, as the summer slump continues. Thankfully, this week isn’t completely parched for new games. Notable releases include the PlayStation 4 version of last year’s PC Gauntlet reboot, Toy Soldiers: War Chest with cameos from He-Man and G.I. Joe, and the long... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Credits Thank Kojima And Join The Plea For Silent Hills And P.T. To Return

    The developers behind Goat Simulator have updated the credits to its over-the-top game. Developer Coffee Stain Studios posted an image on the official Goat Simulator Facebook page showing the update, which thanks Hideo Kojima and begs for the return of his recently canceled project, Silent Hills, and... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Gets DayZ-Inspired Expansion

    Coffee Stain Studios' bizarre, buggy goat ride is getting infected by the horde this week. A new add-on gives players a new map to explore, a crafting system, and more goats to unlock. GoatZ also includes a new survival mode where players have to eat every five minutes in order to survive. Goat Simulator... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Hits Xbox One

    Major Nelson has revealed the cult hit will be released for Xbox One tomorrow. Goat Simulator became an unlikely hit, largely due to YouTube videos of the game going viral on the Internet. Tomorrow, April 17, it will have a new console to create a ruckus on when it is released for Xbox One. The game... More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week April 12 Through April 18

    PC gamers have reason to smile this week, as Grand Theft Auto V finally arrives with some new features in tow. If you haven’t seen this morning’s Rockstar Editor trailer and might be considering a double- or triple-dip on GTA V, you should check it out. This week also brings the first Mortal... More
  • Blog Post: Dota 2 May Soon Include The Goat From Goat Simulator

    Valve's multiplayer online battle arena, Dota 2, may soon include the famous goat from the 2014 hit Goat Simulator. Coffee Stain Studios, the developers of the simulator, are attempting to add their physics-impaired goat into Dota 2 as a custom courier via Steam Workshop. To be successfully implemented... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator MMO Even Has ‘Elves And Dwarves Like In That Movie’

    Hey, remember earlier this year when Coffee Stain studios released a glitchy, buggy, hilarious little novelty game called Goat Simulator ? I didn’t either, but I must have purchased it, because it was the only game in my “WTF” Steam folder. Apparently, the antics of goats with sticky... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Selling Absurdly Well On iOS, Android

    After being on sale for less than a week, Coffee Stained Studios' ridiculous goat simulation game has hit a major sales milestone. The developer has announced on its blog that Goat Simulator has already sold more than 100,000 copies on iOS and Android. With a $4.99 price tag on both systems, that's... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Coming To Xbox One

    Coffee Stain Studios is bringing its wacky title to Xbox One. As part of a sizzle reel for ID@Xbox at MIcrosoft's Gamescom press conference, the game was announced as coming first to console on Xbox One. There are no details as to whether there will be any additional content not found in the current... More
  • Blog Post: First-Person Platformer Adventure A Story About My Uncle Now Available

    A Story About My Uncle, from publisher Coffee Stain Studios (the Goat Simulator developers), is now available. The game follows an adventurer as he tells the story of his search for his uncle, Fred, in a fantasy world with special hookshot-like device. The game is developed by Gone North Games with Goat... More
  • Blog Post: Skateboards, Bicycles, And Wall-Running Coming To Goat Simulator Next Month

    Developer Coffee Stain Studios has revealed some details for Goat Simulator version 1.1, as well as a release date for its availability. The DLC will be available on June 3, and alongside the previously revealed local multiplayer and new map , Coffee Stain Studios has revealed a number of other upcoming... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Developer Bringing A Story About My Uncle To Steam Later This Month

    The next project from Coffee Stain Studios is looking to offer a much different experience than the comedy-focused zaniness of Goat Simulator. A Story About My Uncle comes from developer Gone North Games. Coffee Stain Studios is serving a publishing role on the title. In the game, which is a non-violent... More
  • Blog Post: Impressive Fan Art Gathers Nearly Every Successful Indie Game Into One Drawing

    Most video game fan art looks to the past to recall nostalgic emotions related to childhood franchises, but this piece looks to the present uniting a huge collection of indie game characters. The piece, titled Indie Collision, comes from artist Memoski on DeviantArt and features just about every character... More
  • Blog Post: Local Multiplayer Coming To Goat Simulator

    Do you wish you could share your crazy goat experiences with a friend? You're in luck. Local multiplayer is coming to Goat Simulator free of charge next month. In addition to local multiplayer, Goat Simulator patch 1.1 will also include a new map roughly the same size of the original, new achievements... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Arrives In April On Steam

    Goat Simulator, the sort of a joke, but sort of a real game we actually want to play, has a release date. The game is available for pre-order for $9.99, and it will release on Steam on April 1. You can head here to go ahead and pre-order your copy of the game. The game is inspired by skating games like... More
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