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  • Blog Post: Emotions Run Wild In The Sims 4

    EA’s Sims come to life like never before in the upcoming simulation sequel, but their emotions could get the better of them. During an EA pre-Gamescom press conference, the studio gave a new demo of the Sims 4. Building homes looks easier than ever in the Sims 4, since you can place rooms and pull... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft To Reveal New Exclusive At Gamescom

    In official Xbox blogger Major Nelson's new podcast, Microsoft Studios' head Phil Spencer said that the company has some big news planned for its Gamescom presentation. In Major Nelson's podcast , Spencer said, "We're going to have a really short stage presentation with some news... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac's German Rating Raised For "Blasphemy"

    Inspired by the Biblical story of Abraham, The Binding of Isaac doesn't shy away from religious references. According to designer Edmund McMillen's Twitter page , that's the reason for a rating change in Germany. His tweet reads: "Turns out Isaac is the 1st and only game to ever get... More
  • Blog Post: Doom Finally Gets Its Day In Germany

    After more than a decade since the original releases of Doom and Doom II, id's iconic shooters will finally be available to German consumers with fewer restrictions on how shops can sell them. Previously both games had been "indexed" by Germany's Federal Department for Media Harmful... More
  • Blog Post: Duke Nukem Forever Remains Uncut In Germany

    Duke Nukem was always about pushing peoples' buttons, with near-constant references to strippers and urination, and graphic (albeit comic) depictions of violence. Germany may revel in those first two things, but the country's a bit stodgier when it comes to that last one. That's why it's... More
  • Blog Post: German Bus Sim Puts You Behind The Comically Large Wheel...Of A Bus

    The German games scene is a little different from what we're familiar with over here. In 2010, a farm-equipment simulator called Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 was the second best-selling PC game priced under 30 euros over there, after World of Warcraft. With the release of Omnibus Driving Simulator... More
  • Blog Post: AvPvGermany? Sega Won't Be Selling Game To Germans

    If you're looking forward to Sega's upcoming Aliens vs Predator game and you happen to live in Germany, you'd better find something else to look forward to. Sega Europe has announced that it won't be releasing the game in that country, citing difficulties in getting the game rated without... More
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