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  • Blog Post: Painting With Pixels Time Lapse Video

    As many of you already know, production company iam8bit crafted an art installation/social experiment hybrid during the 25th annual Game Developers Conference, designed to celebrate the perseverance of the pixel in an polygon age. Each attendee was given a pixel and asked to help flesh out the piece... More
  • Blog Post: GDC 2011 Attendance Breaks Record, 2012 Dates Announced

    Last week marked the 25th anniversary of the Game Developers Conference, an event held in San Francisco where industry professionals gather and share ideas. This year's event hosted a record 19,000 attendees. Some of the highlights included the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival, the 11th Annual... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At GDC: Bonus Gallery

    GI converged on San Francisco and took in the sights and sounds of the 25th annual Game Developers Conference. Check out our gallery of pics that were too hot for TV. And by hot we mean random. Browse the gallery for the real life Ethan Mars, high-powered Nintendo exec Hideki Konno, the T-shirt of Doom... More
  • Blog Post: Ron Gilbert Wants A Maniac Mansion Remake

    Classic adventure game creator Ron Gilbert may have just recently joined up with Tim Schafer's Double Fine, but that doesn't mean that he's forgotten his roots. Speaking at GDC, Gilbert said he would "love for them to re-release Maniac Mansion the same way they did the Monkey Island... More
  • Blog Post: Winners: 2011 Game Audio Network Guild Awards

    The Game Audio Network Guild Awards may not draw attention on par with the GDC or IGF Awards , but is an important occasion celebrating the outstanding work being done in interactive entertainment audio. Chosen by peers comprising a 70-person committee, the final winners for excellence in audio have... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo Del Toro's Insane May Not Be A Trilogy After All

    When THQ announced Insane, a new horror game being created by Volition and visionary movie director Guillermo del Toro, at the Spike Video Game Awards , the new IP was already being talked about as a trilogy. However, at GDC THQ has clarified that it will only be a trilogy if the first game works out... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At GDC: Day Five

    GI has converged on San Francisco and is taking in the sights and sounds of the 25th annual Game Developers Conference. Check out our gallery of today’s snaps from the show floor, demos, and industry parties. More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Bungie Refuses To Confirm Next Game Is An Action MMO

    UPDATE: Ensuring at least another few months of annoying and tedious speculation and fake rumors, Bungie has stepped back from the comments made by David Aldridge at GDC. According to a post on Bungie's website , Aldridge was making a joke during his presentation that was misinterpreted by some journalists... More
  • Blog Post: Creating Starcraft II Was Like Creating A New Sport

    During his talk at GDC 2011, Blizzard designer Dustin Browder talked about the design decisions that shaped StarCraft II and the team’s focus on creating an electronic sport. “When I first started working at Blizzard,” said Browder, “they told me that we’d be making an e... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Shows Off Impressive Unreal Tech

    Epic Games pulled together a massively impressive tech demo for GDC, designed to showcase top-of-the-line Unreal Engine 3 features and give us a glimpse of what the future of games could look like. The thematic presentation featured a character created specifically for the demo called “The Samaritan... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At GDC: Day Four

    GI has converged on San Francisco and is taking in the sights and sounds of the 25th annual Game Developers Conference. Check out our gallery of today’s snaps from the show floor, demos, and industry parties. More
  • Blog Post: Ponytails. GDC Has Them

    The Game Developers Conference is a yearly gathering where the industry's best and brightest come together to share their insight on creating our favorite games. Apparently, it also has a higher density of men with ponytails than a Steven Segal convention. Our IGN friends Brian Altano and Scott Bromley... More
  • Blog Post: GDC Looks At A Classic: Populous

    Peter Molyneux is best know today for his work on the Fable series, but this storied developer has worked on a number of important video game properties over the year. Back in 1989, Molyneux created a series called Populous, a monumental hit, which is widely regarded as the first PC God game. At a session... More
  • Blog Post: John Romero And Tom Hall Look Back On Doom

    Anyone who's read David Kusher's Masters of Doom already knows how fascinating the early days of id Software were. John Romero and Tom Hall have long ago left the company, but they reflected on the glory days of development and showed several early builds of one of the most influential games... More
  • Blog Post: Angry Birds Downloaded Over 30 Million Times On Android Devices

    Android may not be as big of a gaming platform as the iPhone, but that hasn't stopped Angry Birds from becoming a sensation on those phones as well. Speaking at the Game Developer's Conference, developer Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka revealed that Angry Birds has passed an astounding 30 million... More
  • Blog Post: No Sequel Planned For Donkey Kong Country Returns

    If you’re expecting Nintendo to deliver a quick and dirty sequel to last year’s hit Donkey Kong Country Returns, you might want to scale back your expectations. For one, Retro Studio’s president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh told us that making a platformer was a lot more work than he expected... More
  • Blog Post: Women In Gaming 2011 Award Winners Announced

    GDC 2011 marks the third year of the Women in Gaming Awards, a reception hosted by Microsoft and the IGDA Women In Games special interest group that recognizes leading ladies in the gaming industry who have played key roles in development across all genres and platforms. The event held at the Great Room... More
  • Blog Post: Monster Games Is The Wind Beneath PilotWings Resorts' Wings

    During a GDC panel ostensibly focused on Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe casually mentioned that American studio Monster Games is the team behind the upcoming 3DS game PilotWings Resort. Monster Games had previously worked on the Wii games ExciteTruck and ExciteBots. Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Explains Why NGP Isn't Actually As Powerful As A PS3

    There was a lot of hype about the incredibly powerful technology behind Sony's upcoming NGP handheld when the device was first shown off a little over a month ago. One of the biggest pieces of speculation -- aided by the fact that they showed several PS3 demos running on the system -- was that this... More
  • Blog Post: The Sordid History Of Bejeweled And PopCap Games

    The humorous headline isn’t as sensational as it seems. PopCap co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Jason Kapalka discussed the origins of Bejeweled in a fascinating postmortem today, revealing the somewhat surprising origins of PopCap in the process. Kapalka revealed that PopCap wasn’t... More
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