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  • Blog Post: Wargaming Acquiring Gas Powered Games

    Wargaming, the studio behind World of Tanks and World of Warplanes announced that it has acquired Gas Powered Games. Gas Powered Games was founded in 1998 by Chris Taylor, the designer behind Total Annihilation and Dungeon Siege. "Gas Powered Games' heritage and development pedigree shows us... More
  • Blog Post: Wildman Kickstarter Canceled

    Not even a month after its Kickstarter debut, Gas Powered Games has canceled the Kickstarter due to bigger concerns. "At this point," reads an update on the game's Kickstarter page, "it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running."... More
  • Blog Post: Gas Powered Games Hit With Company-Wide Layoffs

    Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games recently got hit by lay offs, but the company says that this should not effect its recent Kickstarter campaign to raise $1.1 million to make an action RPG called Wildman. The timing for these layoff is all the more unfortunate, because earlier... More
  • Blog Post: Gas Powered Games Announces Wildman

    Developer Gas Powered Games and game designer Chris Taylor have announced their next project, and they plan on using Kickstarter to make it a reality. Wildman will be a new action RPG from the developer of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, and Demigod. A good deal of work on Wildman appears to be done... More
  • Blog Post: Age Of Empires Online Beta Open Until Midnight Saturday

    Help Gas Powered Games and Microsoft stress test the servers for the upcoming quasi-MMO real-time strategy game with free access to the Age of Empires Online beta. Anyone can jump in and check out the game for the rest of the beta, so long as you download the client before Saturday night. Age of Empires... More
  • Blog Post: New Dungeon Siege III Trailer, Screens

    The latest trailer for Square's upcoming action/RPG mashes gameplay together with the opening cinematic -- and the inevitable not-quite -Carmina-Burana operatic chorus -- to hype you up for some co-op questing. Judging by the trailer, Dungeon Siege III will be equal parts jubblies, fireballs, gravelly... More
  • Blog Post: Kings And Castles Put On Hold

    The next project from the Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has been put on hold due to a "timing thing." In emails to Big Download , GPG's Chris Taylor said, "We've put the project on hold for now, but the moment I know more I will let you know... [L]et's call... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Supreme Commander 2 Patch Shows The Love, But Not To 360

    UPDATE: A Square representative has confirmed to us that the 1.2 patch is not currently planned to ship for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Three cheers for Microsoft charging companies big bucks to deploy patches to 360 games! ORIGINAL STORY: This is my favorite kind of news to post: the kind where... More
  • Blog Post: Square And Obsidian Team Up For Dungeon Siege III

    What would happen if we took the world's most prolific Japanese RPG publisher and partnered them with one of the best-known Western RPG developers? It may sound like a pipe dream, but with today's surprise announcement of a Dungeon Siege III published by Square Enix and developed by Obsidian... More
  • Blog Post: Supreme Commander 2 Afterwords

    The latest release from Gas Powered Games goes down a road rarely traveled by sequels. Lead designer/studio head Chris Taylor explains why Supreme Commander 2's design is so different than the original in this Afterwords feature. SupCom 2 makes more changes to the core design of the original than... More
  • Blog Post: Gas Powered Games, Epic: It's Getting Harder To Be Independent

    Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games, the team behind Supreme Commander and Dragon Siege, believes it's become more difficult for developers to remain independent. He said with the increasingly competitive market, larger indie studios rely more on publishers for marketing and investment to survive.... More
  • Blog Post: Gas Powered Games Announces Chris Taylor's Kings And Castles

    Gas Powered Games announced its next project this morning via a tongue-in-cheek press release and video blog. Kings and Castles is a fantasy RTS that uses the über-zooming technology seen in GPG's previous games. Per the press release , players will be able to experience the epic struggles of... More
  • Blog Post: New Supreme Commander 2 Media

    We’ve got an all new Supreme Commander 2 walkthrough narrated by Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games. In the diary, Taylor touches on expanded and diversified maps, experimental units, research and upgrades and the role of commanders on the field. Supreme Commander 2 unfolds 25 years after the end... More
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