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  • Blog Post: Garry’s Mod, Rust Developer Tinkering With Xbox One And PS4

    Garry Newman, who has gathered a following with the Source engine sandbox Garry’s Mod and, more recently, the online survival title Rust revealed today that his team, Facepunch Studios, is investigating new platforms. The developer announced that he is now in possession of Xbox One devkits. Newman... More
  • Blog Post: Yogscast Charity Drive Offering 11 Games For $25

    Popular YouTube network Yogscast has partnered up with Humble Bundle for one of biggest deals of 2013. If you’re watching the Steam holiday sale each day, make sure you check out this amazing deal before all your money disappears. The team is live streaming for charity, and this year’s partnership... More
  • Blog Post: Garry's Mod Creator's Rust Is Minecraft Meets Stalker Meets Day Z

    Garry Newman, creator of the much adored Garry's Mod , is working on a new title currently in Alpha. Take the harvesting and creation aspects of Minecraft , the radiation danger of Stalker , and the prowling undead of Day Z, mix them together, and you've got Rust. The environment is as harsh... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Support Coming To Garry's Mod

    Garry's Mod, the sandbox editor for Valve's Source engine, should be getting Kinect support soon. The creator of Garry's mod, Garry, has been posting videos showing off his Kinect experiments and posted on Twitter that an update should be coming through soon. Garry's Mod is responsible... More
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