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  • Blog Post: Gaming Heads Unveils New Mass Effect Statues

    Get your credit card ready, Mass Effect fans. Commander Shepard's loyal teammate, Garrus, is the first character selected to be immortalized in Gaming Heads' new Mass Effect statue line. Gaming Heads is releasing two different versions of Garrus, a standard edition, which is limited to 1,000... More
  • Blog Post: Commander Shepard And Garrus' Relationship Explored In Fan Art

    I'm a big fan of video game April Fools' jokes. Developers and journalists alike put great effort into the pranks, usually roasting their fans and readership in the process. This year, one April Fools' joke that went over my head. It was BioWare's body pillow of Garrus , one of Commander... More
  • Blog Post: Meet These Fan-Made Mass Effect Turians

    Some people are just too talented for their own good. Sculptor Kerry Dyer was inspired by a Garrus artwork piece sent by a friend, and decided to turn that piece into a series of turian figures. Kerry's process is detailed extensively in this blog . Female Shepard probably has the hots for all of... More
  • Blog Post: Plushie Garrus Is Surprisingly Cute

    Unless you decided to pursue Mass Effect’s Garrus Vakarian as a romantic interest, “cute” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when most people recall the hardened hero. That being said, Garrus translated into plushie form is undeniably cute. DeviantArt user Eitanya has quite... More
  • Blog Post: More Mass Effect 2 Action Figures On The Way!

    DC Direct's second series of Mass Effect figures is slated to hit retail shelves on April 27, 2011. I was hoping that this line would offer a female version of Commander Shepard, but alas, she's nowhere to be found. On the plus side, Mordin will be one of the figures in this wave. He's joined... More
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