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  • Blog Post: Limited Edition Disney Nintendo 2DS Coming

    This pretty-in-pink handheld is being branded with Disney's upcoming 2DS/3DS life simulation game Magical World. In addition to being pink, the unit will come with a Disney Magical World carrying case (pictured above). The pink 2DS will retail for $129.99 and will be sold exclusively at GameStop... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Sells More New-Gen Consoles Than First 15 Months Of Last-Gen

    (Disclosure: GameStop is Game Informer’s parent company.) During its fourth quarter earnings call, GameStop revealed that new-gen consoles are selling significantly better than the early months of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era. The retailer has moved more Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop: 2.3 Million Gamers Signed Up For Next-Gen Console Information

    Update: Our original story, based off the transcript of the call, referenced a PlayStation 4 waiting list of 2.3 million. Ars Technica has received clarification on the information from GameStop. The 2.3 million figure represented the number of individuals that signed up on notification lists for both... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop, Amazon Reassure Gamers Who Bought Watch Dogs Console Bundles

    Two of the largest video game retailers have released statements confirming that those consumers who preordered Watch Dogs console bundles will still be receiving their consoles. We contacted GameStop [full disclosure: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer] and received this statement: "With... More
  • Blog Post: Shiny Legendary Pokémon Distribution Event At GameStop Starts Today

    As promised last month , The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are kicking off a Pokémon distribution event today at participating GameStop locations. Players who bring copies of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2, along with their Nintendo DS or 3DS systems, will receive a shiny level... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Offering $50 Trade-In Credit For Purchase of Xbox One Games

    If you want to upgrade your 360 copy of some of the year's biggest franchises to a shiny new Xbox One disc, GameStop is offering a $50 trade-in credit. According to this press release , GameStop will be offering Power-Up Rewards members a $50 minimum guaranteed trade-in value on 360 version of some... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Taking Pre-Orders For Xbox One Again

    Most retailers have already sold through their allotments of day one Xbox One consoles. However, GameStop still has day one units left and has reopened Xbox One preorders on its website. You can pre-order the Day One Edition Xbox on the GameStop website . The Day One Edition comes with a special controller... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Cuts Off PlayStation 4 Preorders

    GameStop has stopped taking store pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 due to high demand. Late last month, GameTrailers published an internal GameStop memo telling employees that the company would be taking unlimited pre-orders for PS4 systems until further notice. Apparently that time has come. A spokesperson... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Offering Exclusive Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Bonus

    Battlefield 4 has been formally announced at GDC, and GameStop is now offering a way for fans to get ready for the incoming warfare. Starting today, the retailer will give those who pre-order the game online or in-store a pair of real dog tags with a code for in-game content. Those who put their money... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Offering Early Access To PS4 Info

    Sony unveiled the PS4 yesterday in an event in New York. The company revealed details including the system’s holiday 2013 release window, hardware specs, and the console’s social-networking features. Even so, there’s a slew of info that’s still unknown. GameStop has announced... More
  • Blog Post: Get Early Access To Gears Of War: Judgment's OverRun Multiplayer Mode

    Gears of War: Judgment's OverRun mode lets two five-player teams alternate between playing as COG soldiers and Locusts, and the objective-based mode is being included as a GameStop pre-order incentive. Those who pre-order the game as a PowerUp Rewards member will get four-days early access to the... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop: Wii U Game Reserves Double

    GameStop said today it's seen 1.2 million reserves placed on Wii U launch titles worldwide. That's more than double the level of the original Wii launch titles in 2006. The retailer also listed off its top reserving titles, which include ZombiU, Assassin's Creed 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Announces GTA V Preorders, Los Santos Photo Viewer Contest

    You can now preorder your copy of GTA V, and enter to win a Los Santos photo viewer in a new Twitter contest. To preorder Grand Theft Auto V at GameStop, click here . You can also register to win one of 100 sets of five Limited Edition Los Santos Photo Viewers (pictured above). According to GameStop... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Opening Kid-Focused Stores

    GameStop said today it's opening 80 brand-new stores across the country this holiday focused on kids and families. The Dallas Business Journal reports the new GameStop Kids carry E-rated video games and other accessories and toys, such as a 2-foot-tall talking Star Wars Chewbacca and Skylanders backpacks... More
  • Blog Post: Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: October 2012

    Another month, another selection of the best games found on Kongregate. Check out the links and descriptions written by Rebecca Francis and scroll to the bottom to see links to the top selection from the previous months. Realm of the Mad God (Pictured Above) This is a co-op shooter RPG with a quirky... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop No Longer Pre-Ordering The Wii U, Waiting List Established

    GameStop has officially closed off both Wii U skus for pre-order. If you want to get your hands on one from GameStop, you will have to jump on the waiting list. You can find out more about the Wii U Wait List (which is basically a pre-order for a pre-order) by heading here , but here is some overview... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Closes Pre-Orders For Wii U Deluxe Set

    Update : After opening up pre-orders for Nintendo's new console immediately after Thursday's press conference, GameStop has already filled its quota for the $349.99 bundle. It looks like the Basic bundle is still available for pre-order. Thanks to Mrs. Featherbottom for the news tip! Want to... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Considering Selling Classic Games

    Retailer GameStop is considering selling classic games as a part of its existing website. CEO Paul Raines told Polygon at the recent GameStop Expo in San Antonio, that the company sees the chance to sell classic games to customers as an opportunity to differentiate it from competitors like Amazon, as... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Skylanders Giants Battle Pack

    Activision and Skylanders Giants developer Toys for Bob are offering the Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack* exclusively at retailer GameStop. The limited edition pack contains the series 2 version of Chop Chop, Shroomboom, and the Golden Dragonfire Cannon – which unlocks an exclusive in-game... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Pre-Order Bonus Item Announced

    GameStop has announced that it will have an exclusive bonus item for those who pre-order New Super Mario Bros. 2 online. The bonus item is a gold Mario pin (pictured) will be mailed out with copies of the upcoming 3DS game that are ordered online through the GameStop site (it will NOT be given out to... More
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