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  • Blog Post: GameStick Announces Release Date

    PlayJam have announced an official release date for the GameStick micro-console, which lets you play Android-based games on your TV. The device is coming next month. GameStick will hit store shelves on October 29 for $79.99, but before then, backers of the Kickstarter project will get theirs at the end... More
  • Blog Post: GameStick Android Console Shipping in September

    The GameStick, a Kickstarter-funded Android console similar to the Ouya, will hit retail in September. The GameStick raised over $647,658 on Kickstarter (well over its original goal of $100,00). Its big selling point is its price ($79) and its size, which makes even the diminutive Ouya look like a beast... More
  • Blog Post: PlayJam Reveals GameStick's Final Controller Design

    PlayJam has revealed the final controller design for its upcoming GameStick , a game system designed to bring Android-based games to the big screen. The final design , pictured above, incorporates feedback from the Kickstarter community. Some of those changes include an expandable 32 GB MicroSD slot... More
  • Blog Post: The Other Home Consoles

    Here's a quick look at some of the upcoming home consoles that could expand the kinds of games you play on your TV. For more reading on some of these devices, check out these links: The Verge's CES Interview With Gabe Newell About the Steambox & Valve Nvidia's Shield Android Handheld... More
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