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  • Blog Post: Titanfall Pushes World Record Gamerscore Holder Over 1 Million

    Congratulations are in order for Raymond “Stallion83” Cox. Last night, the Guinness World Record holder for highest Gamerscore achieved his goal of cracking 1 million points. Cox crossed the threshold at approximately 2:30 a.m. Eastern. He was playing Titanfall at the time, and that game’s... More
  • Blog Post: Guinness Record Holder For Highest Xbox Gamerscore Live Streaming His Final Push For Million Points

    Update: Raymond Cox didn't hit 1,000,000 Gamerscore during his live stream, but he came very close. He currently sits at 994,475 Gamerscore and plans to pick up the final stretch of 5,525 points on Monday. Thanks to everyone that stopped by my stream tonight. Lets do it all over again on Monday!... More
  • Blog Post: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Achievements Are Online

    The Achievements list for Call of Duty: Black Ops II has appeared online, and it is surprisingly free of secret of achievements. You would think a video game about secret black operations would want to keep some things a secret. Check out the list below. No Man Left Behind (20 points) - Rescue Woods... More
  • Blog Post: Stallion83 Celebrates Breaking The 600,000 Gamerscore Mark

    Well, that settles it. There's exactly one guy that gets to brag about his Gamerscore, and that's Raymond Cox a.k.a. Stallion83. Many people out there brag about having a higher Gamerscore than their friends -- some poor, deluded souls even invite public riducule by cheating to raise their Gamerscore... More
  • Blog Post: My Gamerscore Is 1,650 And I've Never Felt Better

    Note: This is an opinion column that ran in the September 2010 issue of Game Informer (the Batman: Arkham City cover. I recently saw on Twitter that game designer Jesse Schell had posted a scan of it on his excellent blog Gamepocalypse Now . I thought it might be nice to post it today to give people... More
  • Blog Post: This Dude Has A Higher Gamerscore Than Reiner, Jeff, And Dan Combined

    It's no secret (and no surprise) that there are a few editors here at GI who are pretty into Microsoft's Achievement system. Dan Ryckert's Gamerscore is now over 98,000, Jeff Cork just hit the 100,000 mark, and executive editor Andrew Reiner is approaching an astounding 140,000 and loves... More
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