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  • Blog Post: Notch Wins Bidding For $70 Million House Over Jay-Z And Beyonce

    Jay-Z and Beyonce had their hearts set on this Bevery Hills mansion – but Minecraft creator Notch ended up the winner. This $70 million property has been the subject of a lot of interest, and until recently Jay-Z and Beyonce were told that they were the winning bidders. However, some last minute... More
  • Blog Post: Hotline Miami 2 Three-Disc Vinyl Collection Oozes Neon

    The Hotline Miami series has its aesthetic roots planted firmly in the 1980s, down to the DeLorean and hot pink carpeting. Further sealing the deal are thumping synthesized soundtracks that set a nostalgic aural stage to the madness. If you're into that type of thing, Devolver Digital is teaming... More
  • Blog Post: Triforce Reveals $850 Batman: Arkham Origins Cowl Replica Statue

    I vividly recall an episode of the 1960s Batman, in which the Mad Hatter is trying to steal Batman’s cowl. I suspect that Triforce’s latest might eliminate the need for Jervis Tetch to borrow Batman’s headgear. The Batman: Arkham Origins cowl replica is considered full scale, with the... More
  • Blog Post: Pulp Noir Nintendo Novel Artist Returns With Samus From Metroid

    Artist Ástor Alexander, who brought us fantastic interpretations of Link, Midna, Mario, Peach, and BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth on pulp noir novel covers , has returned with a new piece of Samus. Alexander's Samus piece is more of a romantic sci-fi novel, but it definitely belongs on... More
  • Blog Post: System Shock 2’s Shodan Reveal Recreated In CryEngine 3

    System Shock 2 is filled with twists and turns, the biggest of which is the revelation of its villain. Shodan is an evil, manipulative artificial intelligence who needs your help to stop her creations. Today, System Shock 2 might not be quite as imposing thanks to outdated visuals. One person is trying... More
  • Blog Post: Today’s Teens Confounded By The Original Mega Man

    Growing up in the 8-bit era meant a lot of things. Game manuals were often filled with story (and color), games were challenging, and there was no Internet to search for tips. While the medium has certainly become more complex, there is still challenge to be found on those old grey carts. Fine Brothers... More
  • Blog Post: Here's A Very Enthusiastic Rendition Of The Pokémon TV Show Theme Song On Kazoo

    Anyone can play the kazoo, but it takes a certain type of talent and enthusiasm to make the act an impossible to look away spectacle. Which leads us to Tsuko G., a kazoo maestro we have featured before with his rendition of the Super Smash Bros. theme . Below you will find Tsuko's latest video, which... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Imagines BioShock, Zelda, And Mario As Pulp Noir Novels

    Artist Ástor Alexander has taken Mario and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and imagined them as book covers on a pair of cheap pulp noir novels. There are millions of creative artist renditions of Mario and Zelda, but I don't think I've ever seen anything like these two book covers... More
  • Blog Post: Here’s How To Customize Your Game Boy In Five Minutes

    Okay, you might not have the benefit of time lapse photography in real life, but if you have any art skills and some paint markers then customizing your video game equipment has never been easier. When I was a kid, I put a dinosaur sticker on my Game Boy and thought I was a stud, but this slick time... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Skylanders Sing Their Version Of The 12 Days Of Christmas

    The holidays are fast approaching, and people everywhere are finding ways to express their cheer in between panic attacks and night terrors about getting the wrong gift for that special someone. For the Skylanders, that means buddying up and singing their own unique version of The 12 Days of Christmas... More
  • Blog Post: Kickstarter Campaign Reboots Classic Freespace Series As A Tabletop Game

    When developer Interplay acquired the remaining rights to the Freespace games following THQ’s closure , many old-school gamers hoped for a follow up to the classic sci-fi franchise. While we still don’t know if a Freespace 3 is in the works, Interplay has sanctioned a Kickstarter campaign... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Characters' Names With Trading Card Mock-Ups

    Star Wars fans have pored over the first Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer for every bit of information possible. Thanks to some retro card mock-ups issued by director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, we now know the names of the characters featured in that trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Scarlet Moon Records Releases Final Fantasy Christmas EP

    If you've ever wondered why there aren't more remixes of Final Fantasy songs as Christmas tunes you can rest assured that you aren't the only one. Just in time for the holidays the folks over at Scarlet Moon Records (with the help of various composers) have put together a five track EP featuring... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Every Super Smash Bros. Character Comically Save Themselves From Falling

    As you’ve been playing Super Smash Bros., you probably noticed that every character has an animation when too close to the edge of the stage. This little visual clue is subtle in context, but what happens when you just let it play? In a video from YouTube user "Master0fHyrule," the little... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is Delightful Carnage

    We’re still waiting on more information about Warner Bros.’ Mad Max game, but the film arm of the company is rolling ahead. There’s a new trailer for the George Miller-helmed Mad Max: Fury Road today, and it’s even better than the last one. You’ll get a better look at Tom... More
  • Blog Post: The Year In Gaming In Under Two Minutes (2014 Edition)

    Every year YouTube user Malcolm Klock puts together an impressive, approximately two-minute video summing up the games of the year, and 2014 is no exception. Below you will find Klock's 2014 video which features just about every video game you remember from the year all set to a tune from The National... More
  • Blog Post: Hear The Super Mario Bros. Theme Performed By A 3D Printer

    Nearly everyone's heard some form of Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. theme. Even if you've never played a Mario game (shame on you!), the infectious song has been played and remixed more times than Mario has saved Peach. YouTube user Ian Schlueter has a decidedly different take on the tune... More
  • Blog Post: Here's More Proof That Guile's Theme Goes With Everything – Even Classical Piano

    Street Fighter's Guile's theme can be applied to any video or clip and it will work, but this video proves it can also be played with any instrument. In the video below, you can see Sonya Belousova tackle Guile's theme in a strange pinball machine piano hybrid. For more of Belousova's... More
  • Blog Post: Sir Paul McCartney Is A Weird Hologram In Destiny Music Video

    If you played through Destiny's campaign and watched the credits, you've heard Sir Paul McCartney's song "Hope for the Future." Now, you can see him perform it to several in-game characters. As a hologram. McCartney's translucent presence travels around the solar system thanks... More
  • Blog Post: Learn About The Canceled Super Mario Spikers And CD-i Title, Mario Takes America

    The latest Did You Know Gaming video looks at what could have been, what almost was, and why it is the way it is in the Mario universe. The video looks at the doomed from the beginning CD-i games starring Mario, as well as a Mario Volleyball title from the makers of Super Mario Strikers that was deemed... More
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