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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Speeding Up Wii U Start-Up For Faster Off-Screen Play

    Nintendo wants to speed up players' ability to play the Wii U without using the TV, and an update planned for this Summer should help. In Nintendo's third quarter briefing results , it points out that the Wii U GamePad has an at least 20-second start-up time, severely hampering the pick-up-and... More
  • Blog Post: Wii U GamePad Life Extending High-Capacity Battery Now Available From Nintendo

    One of the complaints often levied against the Wii U, is the disappointing battery life of its GamePad. Nintendo is now offering a new longer-lasting, high-capacity battery to replace the old one. The battery is available on Nintendo's online store for $32. It's not an accessory add-on for the... More
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