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  • Blog Post: Atari Adventure Creator To Present At GDC

    Adventure for the Atari 2600 is considered one of the first graphic action/adventure games ever created. Creator Warren Robinett will be revealing how he got the pioneering game to fit into only 4K of memory during an upcoming post mortem presentation on the game at the Game Developer's Conference... More
  • Blog Post: Independent Games Festival 2015 Is Now Open To Submissions

    If you're an indie developer, now's the time to hit your game with that last bit of spit and shine; submissions for the Independent Games Festival 2015 are now open. The IGF awards are, as per the title, a ceremony that honors and exemplifies the best video games in the independent space. The... More
  • Blog Post: Independent Game Festival Awards Nominees Announced

    This year's nominees for the annual IGF Awards have been revealed, with many of last year's most innovative games, including Papers, Please and The Stanley Parable, getting nods. The Independent Game Awards honors games that push the boundaries of the medium, in all elements of game creation... More
  • Blog Post: Journey Dominates The 2013 Game Developers Choice Awards

    Tim Schafer delightfully hosted this year's Game Developers Choice Awards with his trademark humor intact. No topic was off limits. Sorry SimCity, you're still in the hot seat. But the real thrill was seeing who won this year. Journey swept the show, garnering more awards than any other nominee... More
  • Blog Post: Independent Games Festival Award Winners For 2013

    Founded in 1998, this year marks the Independent Games Festival Awards 15th annual show. Tonight's ceremony awarded and acknowledged some of the excellent independent games in the industry. Over 900 entries were submitted for consideration. With such fierce competition, who came out on top? One game... More
  • Blog Post: Game Developers Choice Awards Nominees Announced

    The nominees annual awards show, which takes placed during the Game Developer's Conference, have been announced. Arkane's Dishonored is among the games nominated for multiple awards. The Game of the Year nominees include some fresh blood, including Dishonored, Journey, The Walking Dead, and XCOM... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie To Discuss Destiny Project At Game Developer's Conference

    While some details regarding Bungie's new franchise Destiny have already leaked , we'll soon know more about the highly anticipated project. At the upcoming Game Developer's Conference, Bungie's design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett will give a lecture entitled... More
  • Blog Post: Independent Games Festival Nominees Announced

    The nominees for the 15th annual Independent Games Festival have been announced, with recognized games including Hotline Miami, Little Inferno, and FTL: Faster than Light. The list of nominees includes almost 30 independently developed games, culled from more 500 submissions. Regardless of who picks... More
  • Blog Post: Ponytails. GDC Has Them

    The Game Developers Conference is a yearly gathering where the industry's best and brightest come together to share their insight on creating our favorite games. Apparently, it also has a higher density of men with ponytails than a Steven Segal convention. Our IGN friends Brian Altano and Scott Bromley... More
  • Blog Post: THQ Homefront Balloon Stunt Angers San Francisco Citizens

    As part of the Game Developer's Conference celebrations in San Francisco this week, publisher THQ decided to unleash a wave of balloons advertising its upcoming shooter, Homefront. Unfortunately, some S.F. natives were not particularly pleased about the stunt, especially once the balloons started... More
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