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  • Blog Post: Check Out All Of Fallout 4's Awesome Magazine Covers

    If you’ve spent any amount of time exploring The Commonwealth of Fallout 4, chances are you’ve picked up a few magazine covers scattered inside various derelict buildings. Now you no longer need to scour Boston's bombed-out remains to appreciate their gorgeous artwork. DeviantArt user... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Holding User Submitted Gamerpics Contest

    Microsoft is holding a contest where 100 user-sbmitted pieces of art will be selected for use by Xbox One players. The contest is fairly simple: submit your designs, vote on your favorites, and the winners get to see their art used by other Xbox Live users. Submitted art can be original creative art... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Partners With Art Gallery To Sell Destiny Concept Art For Charity

    Ltd. Art Gallery is running a special exhibition full of Destiny concept art originals and prints. They're all for sale and proceeds benefit the Child's Play Charity. Pieces can be purchased online here , with the most expensive pieces selling for as high as $300. If you're in Seattle, Washington... More
  • Blog Post: Museum of Modern Art Adds 14 Games To Collection

    Are game art? According to New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art they are; the museum just added 14 games to its collection, and says more will follow. According to the MOMA's website, this initial acquisition of games will be a " the seedbed for an initial wish list of about 40 to... More
  • Blog Post: Sights Of Tokyo Game Show 2011: Day One

    We're in Japan for the annual Tokyo Game Show convention, and we have our cameras handy. Check out our gallery of pics from the floor that we'll be updating throughout the show. Sony has one of the larger spots on the show floor, with much of it dedicated to Vita. Japan loves them some Monster... More
  • Blog Post: Super iam8bit Book Signing Brings Gamers Face To Face With Artists

    As the acclaimed iam8bit video game-inspired art show in Los Angeles nears its close, the curators are offering fans in the L.A. area chance to get their iam8bit art books signed by many of the artists who contributed to the tome. The event takes place on Saturday, September 10, from 12 to 3pm. Nearly... More
  • Blog Post: Super iam8bit Video Game Inspired Art Show Opens Tonight In L.A.

    Video game-inspired art has become increasingly popular and prevalent in recent years, and that's due in large thanks to iam8bit, an exhibition that's back from an extended layoff and is opening tonight in Los Angeles. Iam8bit will feature works from numerous artists, all inspired by classic... More
  • Blog Post: BlizzCon 2010: Costume Competition

    1st Place Winner Capping off a full day of festivities, Blizzard held their annual costume contest last evening. With over a hundred participants, audience members had plenty to gander at. Check out a gallery of highlights below, with a shout out to the first, second, and third place winners. Enjoy!... More
  • Blog Post: BlizzCon 2010: Show Floor

    Here's your chance to check out the goodies on the show floor of Blizzard's annual convention. Check back later tonight for snaps from the equally epic costume contest. [Photos by Chanh Tang] More
  • Blog Post: Gamer Culture: Images From Tokyo

    Annette and I just landed back in Minneapolis from Tokyo last night, exhausted from nearly 24 hours of international travel. That being said, we’re already eager to go back. Why? Because for nerds like us, the greater Tokyo area is a wonderland of sights and sounds that match our interests. We’ve... More
  • Blog Post: Real Life Dead Rising 2 Weapons At SDCC

    Capcom had a few weapons on display at their Dead Rising 2 booth on the San Diego Comic-Con show floor. Here are the real life models of these deadly item combinations. Duct tape truly is your friend. Check out our gallery. More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Cover Gallery - All 200 Issues

    With issue 200 hot off the presses featuring eight unique covers, we here at Game Informer have come down with cover-gazing fever. Unbeknownst to us, our very own production wiz, Curtis Fung , had been satisfying his own nostalgia for old covers by compiling them into a cover gallery. We've spent... More
  • Blog Post: An Inside Look At Valve's Office

    Valve is known for making polished and incredible games. In case you missed one of the billboards or commercials scattered about, Left 4 Dead 2 is one of those great games. I got to step foot in Valves office-of-awesome, and was immediately greeted by any fan’s dream come true. You can't miss... More
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