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  • Blog Post: The Dangers Of Far Cry 4 Co-op – Sometimes Your Worst Enemy Is Your Friend

    It's an age-old story. You're trying to sneak up on an enemy base and liberate the local population from an oppressive military force. Then you decide to team up with a buddy to make this trail a little bit easier. But then your buddy kicks a tiger off a cliff and into the enemy base, alerting... More
  • Blog Post: Photoshop Contest: Fun With Halo 5 And Far Cry 4

    This week has seen two big announcements with equally interesting art to accompany them. We’ve been having some fun with the images, and we’d like to invite you to put your photoshop skills to the test. Yesterday, Ubisoft gave us our earliest look at Far Cry 4 , set in the Himalayas with... More
  • Blog Post: Ever Seen A Lego Clone Wars Pop-up?

    Pop-up books are a delicate art form, much like the art of making video games based on a Lego version of an animated spin-off of a sci-fi movie series. So when these two art forms are put together, only good things can happen. Now let's take a look at some pictures. This thing isn't so much a... More
  • Blog Post: Maniacs Try To Beat 100 Games In Charity Speed Run Marathon

    What are you doing over the next few days? Do you plan on beating a few games? Big deal. The guys at Speed Demos Archive are running through their second Awesome Games Done Quick charity event, in which a rotating group attempts to plow through 100 classic games over the course of a few days. As impressive... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The Guys At Irrational

    If you think Bioshock was a fun game to play, imagine how cool it would be to work with the guys who made it. The team at Irrational is a bunch of lovable goofballs and we flipped on the camera just to see what we'd get as we wandered the office. Whether it's jokes about Richard Dreyfus or silly... More
  • Blog Post: Snowboarders, Game Characters Meet Up On The Slopes In Epic Video

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if snowboarders and characters from classic games met up on a mountain and battled each other to an 8-bit hip-hop accompaniment? You have? Sweet. Follow up question: What's wrong with you? Anyway, this clip is pretty awesome. It takes a little while to get... More
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