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  • Blog Post: South Park Takes Aim At Free-To-Play Games

    Never one to let a controversial issue go unscathed, South Park turns its gaze to free-to-play games and the impact they have on the industry. As you might expect, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have some choice words for the freemium format. In the aptly titled “Freemium Isn’t Free... More
  • Blog Post: Report: EA Closes Free-To-Play Focused North Carolina Studio

    Electronic Arts has reportedly made the decision to close down one of its studios in North Carolina. The studio focused mainly on free-to-play games for mobile devices. The report comes from website The Escapist which received word of the studio's closure from an anonymous source. The studio worked... More
  • Blog Post: Hunting the Whale: How Game Developers Target Gamers' Wallets

    This afternoon Papaya's Oscar Clark gave a presentation entitled "The Design Secrets of Successful Freemium Games," which offered some insight into how mobile companies use data and social hierarchies to create profitable titles. Early in the presentation the mantra of "gamers who... More
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