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  • Blog Post: Freddy Krueger Gets A New Figure Inspired By NES A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Freddy Krueger has come back to haunt the dreams of figure collectors and horror fans. Collectibles manufacturer NECA has announced a second Freddy Krueger toy from the NES adaptation of A Nightmare on Elm Street. NECA previously released a 7-inch Freddy Krueger toy in 2013 based off of the same game... More
  • Blog Post: Guest Characters Coming To Mortal Kombat X

    The Mortal Kombat universe has no shortage of crazy characters, but that may not be enough for the team at NetherRealm Studios. Series co-creator Ed Boon says that we can expect guest fighters from other universes, too. Speaking to Polygon , Boon mentions that Freddy Krueger sold well as DLC for the... More
  • Blog Post: Freddy Krueger Enters The Mortal Kombat DLC Coliseum

    All your nightmares have come true. Take a look at these new clips of Freddy in Mortal Kombat as a DLC character, including the backstory on how he came to be in the game. Freddy is available for 400 Microsoft Points, as part of the Microsoft Season Pass, for $4.99 on PlayStation Network, or as part... More
  • Blog Post: Freddy Krueger Is Mortal Kombat's Fourth DLC Character

    The horror icon may be a total surprise, but he's a perfect fit for the ultra-violent fighting series. Yes, Freddy Krueger is the 4th DLC character for Mortal Kombat, and he'll be available on August 9th as part of the Season Pass. Further details aren't currently known, but we'd expect... More
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