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  • Blog Post: Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of The Hey Ash, FreddieW Team-Up Donkey Kong Video

    Popular YouTube video channels FreddieW (RocketJump) and HAWPOfficial recently teamed up as part of a contest for Nintendo and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Nintendo recently released a behind the scenes video detailing how the short came together. The video was created and shown at Sundance... More
  • Blog Post: Playing First-Person Shooters On A Mobile Device Is Hard

    The latest video from YouTube's favorite special effects wizard, FreddieW and Rocket Jump , showcases the difficulty of aiming a virtual gun when all you've got to work with is a small touch screen. The video also serves to highlight a contest from mobile controller developer, MOGA . MOGA and... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Lady Link Lacerate Clay Pots

    Web video special effects wizard Freddiew , and violinist/contortionist hybrid Lindsay Stirling have joined forces to destroy all of the clay pots. Check out the video below to see Stirling destroy all the clay pots, and ignore all the rupees. It's almost like she did all that work for nothing. More
  • Blog Post: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Gets A Video Of A Fake Tie-In Video Game

    The strange thing about this video from the Internet's Freddie Wong, is that 20th Century Fox paid to produce a video of a fake Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter video game, as opposed to just paying to create a real Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter video game. Freddie Wong and his YouTube page have been... More
  • Blog Post: What If Your Skyrim Character Was Real?

    Skyrim came out over six months ago. You’d think the window for cool fan-made videos based on the game would have closed, but this one is too good to ignore. YouTube sensation, Freddiew , made this sweet video about a real-life Skyrim character, and he’s probably more *** than your Skyrim... More
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