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  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Developer Threatening To Move Over Tax Issue

    Paris-based Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is vocal in its demand that French tax breaks are reinstated for the benefit of it and other video game developers in the country. In January, French tax breaks to game developers expired, and getting them back might not be easy. The tax breaks were authorized... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 3 Avatar Sales To Benefit U.S. Military Veterans

    Activision is doing its part to help the military men and women that inspired its Call of Duty franchise through the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that helps provide job placement and training for military veterans. Today, the company announced that all sales of Modern Warfare 3 Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Jonah Hill And Jake Sully Star In New MW3 Clip

    You might remember Jonah Hill as the chubby, funny kid from Superbad. You might remember Jake Sully as the guy from Avatar that plugged his ponytail into a CG horse's butt. Now, these two cinematic legends have teamed up for a new live-action trailer for Modern Warfare 3. The clip, entitled "Trash... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Sold 600,000 Call of Duty Elite Subscriptions

    The game retailer revealed a surprising statistic in its recent earnings call -- it has sold over 600,000 subscriptions to Activision's Call of Duty Elite service in its retail stores. While many have questioned the demand for digital content sold at traditional brick-and-mortar retail, in this case... More
  • Blog Post: French Thieves Hijack Two Trucks Containing Copies Of Modern Warfare 3

    Life imitates art in France, where criminals pulled off a daring heist in which two trucks containing over $1 million worth of copies of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 were stolen. According to the French paper Le Parisien , the hijackers struck early Saturday morning in the suburbs... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Lists Uncharted 3: World Of Deceit

    First Drake's Fortune. Then Among Thieves. And now World of Deceit? This placeholder box art has appeared on Amazon France's website , revealing a possible subtitle for a yet-to-be-confirmed Uncharted sequel. Either someone messed up at Amazon or this here is a fake. With no official word from... More
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