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  • Blog Post: Report: New 12GB PlayStation 3 Model To Retail For $199

    Evidence of a new PlayStation 3 model, which features 12GB of storage and will retail for $199, has surfaced. The website Engadget broke the news, based on a page on the Canadian retailer Future Play's website. The page was removed, but not before Engadget grabbed a screenshot (see above). It's... More
  • Blog Post: Injustice Gameplay Trailers Showcase Shazam And Joker

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have unveiled two new gameplay trailers for Injustice. These new Battle Arena clips include Flash against Shazam, and Joker versus Lex Luthor. Fans cast their vote in an attempt to decide who the champions will be. Both videos below present... More
  • Blog Post: New Version Of Super Mario Crossover Released

    Back in 2010, we reported that a new version of the great flash-based Super Mario Crossover could feature new characters and surprises. Almost two years later, and this new incarnation of the popular browser game has been released over at Exploding Rabbit . In addition to an expanded roster and new visual... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Wants Flash On The Vita

    Apple users know the joy of having the entire internet in their hands... minus the benefits of Adobe Flash. The lack of Flash support leaves certain web-based sites, videos, and utilities totally unusable. Sony is aware that folks like to have their entire internet and eat it to, so it's continuing... More
  • Blog Post: Unreal Engine 3 Can Run In Flash Player 11

    If you've ever felt dismayed at the lack of hardcore-friendly experiences available in web-based, free-to-play games, here's a story that could be important to you: Epic Games has revealed that its popular Unreal Engine 3 can run in the new Flash Player 11. Joystiq has the press release for this... More
  • Blog Post: NSFW Duke Nudem Promo Game Rewards Accuracy With Nudity

    We're absolutely shocked that a promotional website for Duke Nukem Forever would glorify guns and breasts, but somehow... Duke Nudem exists. Frankly, we expected Gearbox to pull off something more akin to Valve's Portal 2 ARG, not a Flash game in which strippers take their clothes off to reward... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Google Pulls Kongregate’s Arcade App Off Android Market

    [UPDATE] :Google has pulled the application from the marketplace, telling Joystiq that Kongregate Arcade violated its developer distribution agreement by distributing other apps within the app. However, Android users can still download the app directly from Kongregate's website . [ORIGINAL STORY... More
  • Blog Post: Start Thursday Off Right With A Big Ol' Buzzkill

    Happy endings are for suckers, which is something the makers of the Flash game One Chance are certainly aware of. In the game, every cell on Earth will die in six days. What players choose to do with their remaining time is fairly open. You can spend it with your family, work on a cure, or hang out with... More
  • Blog Post: What’s Next For Kongregate After The GameStop Deal?

    Our parent company GameStop today announced that it had entered into a deal with Kongregate to purchase the popular online-gaming portal. Once the news had a chance to settle in, it led to a number of obvious questions. Would Kongregate retain its indie spirit now that it had been scooped up by a gaming... More
  • Blog Post: GameStop Acquires Kongregate

    GameStop Inc. today announced that it has entered a deal to purchase the online games portal Kongregate . The deal is planned to close around the beginning of August, and Kongregate will continue to remain under the leadership of co-founders Jim and Emily Greer. "To date, our company's unique... More
  • Blog Post: Five Browser Games To Help You Survive Family Holidays

    The responsible adults are jibber-jabbering about taxes or something similarly boring around the dinner table. The younger kids are running around causing trouble and making more noise with their new toys than you thought possible. That's all par for the course, though. That's not the real problem... More
  • Blog Post: What Could Have Been: The Flash Game

    It's been a long time since we've heard anything about the video game interpretation of The Flash that now-defunct Rise of the Kasai developer BottleRocket Entertainment was working on before folding. Today, though, we've got some supposed early footage of the game leaked onto YouTube and... More
  • Blog Post: Plants vs. Zombies Now Available in Free Flash Form

    Earlier this year, casual gaming giant PopCap released their latest dangerously addictive concoction, Plants vs. Zombies. This seemingly innocuous take on the tower defense genre turned out to provide a deep and satisfying experience, possibly surprising many hardcore gamers who angrily identified PopCap... More
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