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  • Blog Post: See The Legend Of Zelda In First-Person

    What happens when you take one of the most iconic top-down games and adapt it for the Oculus Rift? You can see for yourself. This version of the game is similar to the one you know and love, except you're exploring Hyrule (and attacking monsters) in first-person. Though currently available in beta... More
  • Blog Post: Science Says Video Games Are Good For Your Eyes

    Researchers recently reported findings that playing first-person shooters can help your eyesight. Scientists took six subjects with cataract disorders and asked them to play Medal of Honor for 40 hours over the course of a month. The subjects played the game for two hours a day, five days a week, for... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Does Some First-Person Platforming

    We all know and love Mario and his 2D roots, but what if you could play the original NES game from a brand new perspective? The video below, posted on YouTube user 525Leomas ' channel, gives you a taste of a few early Super Mario Bros. levels in first-person. It's just a project, not an actual... More
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