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  • Blog Post: Play Triple Triad & More With Final Fantasy Portal App

    Final Fantasy VII came to iOS yesterday , and Square Enix has a few more mobile treats in store. The free Final Fantasy Portal app is available now on both iOS and Android, which includes access to a free-to-play variant of Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad and a limited-time free download of Final... More
  • Blog Post: Theatrhythm Gets DLC From The World Ends With You, Chrono Trigger, And More

    Square Enix’s adorable music rhythm game, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call is blissfully branching out once more from its namesake series. Today, music from three more games outside the Final Fantasy library becomes available. The headliner is music from The World Ends with You. If you happened... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy VIII Available Now On Steam

    Earlier this year, Square Enix re-released Final Fantasy VII on PC . Now, the second PlayStation 1 entry in the series is getting its due on Steam. Final Fantasy VIII was first released in 1999 and has sold over 8.5 million copies since its release. The new version has a magic booster to add spells to... More
  • Blog Post: New OC ReMix Track Mixes Final Fantasy's Liberi Fatali And One Winged Angel

    Remixer Kevin Penkin reconstructs two famous Final Fantasy pieces in the new OC ReMix track, "Duel of the Blades." The popular video game music remix site, OC ReMix, has approved several mixes based on the incredibly famous "One Winged Angel" song originally from Final Fantasy VII... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy VII And VIII Nearly Released On Steam

    True story: My first playthrough of Final Fantasy VII was entirely done on PC. Square Enix isn't known for having a great PC support for its Japanese releases, but FF VII and VIII both received somewhat rough but workable PC versions. Since I had a suitable gaming PC at the time but no PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Update: Final Fantasy IX Coming To PSN

    UPDATE: In a video posted via the Square Enix Members twitter, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has confirmed that Final Fantasy IX will be coming to PSN in Japan. In the six-second clip, Wada did not give further details regarding release date, pricing, or whether the game will also come to PSN in North... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy VIII Hits PSN, People Complain It’s Not VII Again

    Final Fantasy VIII is the universal underdog of Square Enix’s beloved franchise. The overlooked RPG, which is virtually unable to be spoken of without being compared to Final Fantasy VII, is hitting the PlayStation Network today. “We’re very excited to share the Final Fantasy VIII experience... More
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