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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's Your Favorite Movie Video Game?

    In general, video games based on movies are terrible – but there are a few gems. What are your favorites? We asked the reverse of this question a few months ago with our What's Your Favorite Video Game Movie? discussion . To date, there really haven't been any standout movies based on video... More
  • Blog Post: The FP Opens In Theaters Today

    We've got the first 10 minutes and other details about the crazy foul-mouthed video game parody film to celebrate its arrival in theaters. A few weeks ago, we posted the latest trailer for The FP , a crazy, over-the-top film about a post-apocalyptic gang war played out in matches of a game that looks... More
  • Blog Post: The FP Movie Trailer Will Beat, Beat You Senseless

    The world has ended. Two gangs war for supremacy of the city. Their battleground? Beat Beat Revolution -- the greatest (and deadliest) dance video game ever made. The FP looks like it may turn out to be one of the more amusing video game-related movies ever made. Don't believe us? Watch the new work... More
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