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  • Blog Post: EA Sports Releases Fighter Ratings For UFC 2

    EA Sports revealed the fighter ratings for each of the combatants in the upcoming UFC 2 today. The complete roster includes over 250 fighters. Featherweight champion Conor McGregor is the top-rated stand-up fighter, as well as the top rated featherweight combatant overall. Guest-star Mike Tyson’s... More
  • Blog Post: Double Helix Delivers Three New Spinal Screens For Killer Instinct

    Spinal is coming to Killer Instinct as a DLC fighter this month, and Double Helix has published three new screen shots of him in action. Earlier this month , Jago was rotated out as the free character, and Sabrewulf was added. We're not sure the exact date that Spinal will be available, but Double... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Digital Versions Of Marvel Vs. Capcom To Disappear From XBL And PSN

    Update : A Capcom representative has responded to our request for clarification on the upcoming removal of Marvel vs. Capcom titles from digital services. "Retail copies are currently unaffected," we were told via email. "But no additional copies will be sold into retail channels moving... More
  • Blog Post: Street Fighter X Tekken Gets 12 New DLC Characters

    Street Fighter X Tekken’s roster gets a boost when twelve new fighters become available for download at the end of July. The new entrants include: From the Street Fighter side: Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy, Sakura And from the Tekken side: Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro,... More
  • Blog Post: Pokemon Meets Street Fighter In Impressive Fan-Made Game

    We've seen plenty of tribute games before, but a new Pokemon-meets-Street Fighter hybrid looks more impressive than most fan-made titles. Based on what appears to be a Street Fighter-like engine, this brawler looks to feature smooth attacks, between-match animations, and a noticeable level of polish... More
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