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  • Blog Post: EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division With Peter Moore At Its Head

    Big publishers are figuring out what smaller developers have known for years: competitive gaming is big business. Moreover, they are realizing that they can control more of how their games are used in the competitive space. EA has announced the formation of an internal Competitive Gaming Division, with... More
  • Blog Post: Pre-Season Friendly – FIFA 16 Demo Out Soon

    FIFA 16 goes into wide release on September 22, but you can get your hands on a select number of teams – as well as try the new FIFA Ultimate Team Draft – ahead of time in early September. The demo goes live on September 8-10* on all of the game's platforms – PS4, Xbox One, PC,... More
  • Blog Post: FIFA 16 Reveal Coming Tomorrow

    In a matter of terrible or perfect timing, Electronic Arts announced today that it will debut the first news on FIFA 16 tomorrow. This comes on the same day that the U.S. Department of Justice indicted 14 FIFA officials on a variety of charges, including money laundering, racketeering, and wire fraud... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft, GTA, And Five Nights At Freddy's Continue To Dominate Viewership Numbers On YouTube

    Just as they did the month before , Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Five Nights at Freddy's were the most viewed video game franchises on YouTube in April 2015. While the top five was rounded out by familiar franchises Call of Duty and League of Legends, some new entrants made their way into the... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 10/10/2014

    We here at Game Informer are still stuck on Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Smash Bros., while being predated by a xenomorph in Alien: Isolation is an endearing experience to some of us. Plus, Dan and Tim are being intentionally secretive and Stolpe's lying to himself again. What are your plans... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do Important Sporting Events Draw You To Sports Games?

    With the hockey and basketball playoffs now over and the World Cup in full swing, we wonder if you've been drawn back to the games that represent the sports. I have a confession. Usually after a few months of intense play, I'll cool off on sports games. What always draws me back in? When a big... More
  • Blog Post: EA's Ultimate Team Rakes In $380 Million

    EA's Ultimate Team offerings continue to be a big hit with sports fans, with Madden's version of the card-collecting mode seeing huge growth. EA's fourth-quarter financial results reveal that the Ultimate Team modes across EA Sports' series generated $380 million for fiscal year 2014... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One Commercial Invites You To Play

    Microsoft's efforts to market the Xbox One will be going into overdrive soon, and one of its first commercials invites you to play. You will see references to Titanfall, Ryse, Forza, FIFA, and a cameo from Mr. Spock himself, Zachary Quinto. The Xbox One launches November 22, and when it does, you... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Takes The Top Spot On Xbox Live

    Despite its online issues, Grand Theft Auto V still managed to jump to the top of the Xbox 360's most played list for the week September 30. Xbox Live's Major Nelson's list, which he posted recently on his blog , tracks games played by people who are signed into Xbox Live, even if they aren't... More
  • Blog Post: Update: Next Generation FIFA To Appear At Xbox Reveal, UFC Likely

    Update: EA's official UFC Twitter account has revealed that news on that franchise will be shared tomorrow. It's not as explicitly tied to the Xbox reveal as the FIFA announcement, but we wouldn't be surprised if the two are part of an EA Sports segment at the event. EA's official FIFA... More
  • Blog Post: EA Outlines Future For Sports Slate

    Sports has been a huge part of Electronic Arts success, and not surprisingly, it will remain so for the foreseeable future. During yesterday's earnings call the company talked about what's in store for some of its sports franchises. The call referenced fiscal year 2014 (as opposed to the calendar... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 03/15/13

    It’s the weekend again, and that means it’s time to unwind. Some editors will finally take a stab at the new Tomb Raider game. Others are going back in time to play some Super Nintendo greats, and a Dragon Ball Z role-playing game. Jason Pfitzer : This weekend I will be trying my utmost to... More
  • Blog Post: EA Retires Online Services For Its '11 Sports Lineup

    If you are the kind of gamer that likes to wait a year or two to buy your sports games then you might want to know that EA will soon be shutting down it's online servers for many of the games it released a couple years ago. On January 11, EA will be retiring the online service for the following titles... More
  • Blog Post: FIFA 13 Boasts Biggest Launch of 2012

    According to EA’s internal sales data, FIFA Soccer 13 is continuing to sell strongly with over 4.5 million games sold across all platforms worldwide in the past five days, making it the biggest videogame launch of 2012 thus far and the biggest sports videogame launch of all time. Sales for FIFA... More
  • Blog Post: FIFA 13's Cover Athletes Announced

    Barcelona's Lionel Messi graces the cover of FIFA 13 here in North America, and the game features one or more other superstars on its covers around the world. Messi, of course, will be the main star on all the covers in all the regions, but he will be flanked by one or more others depending on which... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Details FIFA Social Network Updates

    Electronic Arts is updating its EA Sports Football Club to, "drive a deeper connection for millions of fans to the world’s sport." There will be a new rewards system introduced with FIFA Soccer 13, you will be able to share updates through Facebook, and a there will be new iOS app and... More
  • Blog Post: EA Adding Social Functions To FIFA Street

    All you have to do is make yet another account on yet another digital retail service and you can share videos with all of your friends who have done the same. Not only can you share the videos you take of the awesome (or terrifically stupid) things that you pull off in-game, but you can track your friends'... More
  • Blog Post: Meet Your FIFA 12 Cover Athletes

    I'll forgive our American readers for not knowing about these guys. I'm told that the gentlemen gracing the various worldwide covers of EA's annual soccer series are rather big deals the sport the rest of the world means when they say football, though. As is traditional, the many regions... More
  • Blog Post: Japan Getting Shadows Of The Damned Via EA/Sega Distribution Deal

    Shinji Mikami and Sega are no strangers. The designer and publisher crossed paths with Vanquish, and will do so again with Shadows of the Damned according to a new deal Sega has involving distributing EA games in Japan. The first game to be released under this new deal is the grindhouse murderfest Shadows... More
  • Blog Post: Sequels Sell: Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2 All Hit Over 2 Million Sales

    Ever feel like you're drowning in sequels? We feel you. Sequels are big business, though, and Electronic Arts has the evidence to show it. As part of its announcement of results from the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, EA revealed that Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, and Dead Space 2 have all surpassed... More
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