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  • Blog Post: EA Sports Details FIFA Social Network Updates

    Electronic Arts is updating its EA Sports Football Club to, "drive a deeper connection for millions of fans to the world’s sport." There will be a new rewards system introduced with FIFA Soccer 13, you will be able to share updates through Facebook, and a there will be new iOS app and... More
  • Blog Post: Hackers Skew FIFA Ultimate Team Numbers?

    Is EA's touted revenue success with these online microtransactions a big win for the company or simply an own goal against its customers? During its third-quarter financial call, Electronic Arts bragged about the success of microtransactions for FIFA 12's Ultimate Team mode, saying that the company... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Bringing FIFA 12 To The Masses

    To kick-off the launch of FIFA 12, EA Sports has outfitted a van with 15 PS3s, letting fans play the game in a 40-city tour of the U.S. During the tour (see below for details), you'll also get a chance to win prizes such as Adidas-branded FIFA 12 shirts and even a PS3. Be sure to check out the game... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Some Silly FIFA 12 Bugs

    FIFA 12 is releasing next week, but YouTube user Kennybastards has already done lots of hilarious stuff in the game. The Player Impact physics engine's debut happens in this year's game and could be the culprit behind this video's crazy, backwards knee and abundant flopping around. Keep in... More
  • Blog Post: Meet Your FIFA 12 Cover Athletes

    I'll forgive our American readers for not knowing about these guys. I'm told that the gentlemen gracing the various worldwide covers of EA's annual soccer series are rather big deals the sport the rest of the world means when they say football, though. As is traditional, the many regions... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Replaces Controversial FIFA Commentator

    EA Sports has parted ways with former color commentator Andy Grey, who was sacked by Sky Sports earlier this year for making a series of sexist comments . Apparently Grey's long-standing relationship with EA Sports, which started in FIFA 97, couldn't keep him gainfully employed. In his place... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Football Club Announced

    At the Electronic Arts press conference this afternoon in Los Angeles, the company announced a new live service titled EA Sports Football Club. This service aims to bring together FIFA fans from around the world to foster the online community beginning with FIFA 12. EA Sports Football Club will constantly... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports & Kinect Get Together

    EA Sports has since not really connected with Kinect, but Peter Moore took the stage at the Microsoft Press Conference to announce that four EA Sports games would be using Kinect. Madden NFL, Tiger Woods, FIFA, and one more game to be announced will use the Kinect motion controller this year. Also using... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports' Persistent ID To Be A Paid Subscription?

    This month EA Sports stated that it was working on a cross-title, cross-year persistent ID system that would chronicle your progress as a player of the label's games. Now new information purports to unveil details about this program and reveal that it's a paid subscription program. Pastapadre... More
  • Blog Post: Will EA Also Fire Sexist Commentator?

    Ex-soccer player and FIFA commentator Andy Gray has been a staple for EA Sports' soccer franchise, but will that be coming to an end given Gray's recent firing at Sky Sports? Last weekend, Gray was reprimanded by Sky Sports after he made some sexist comments about a woman referee in an English... More
  • Blog Post: EA Teases First FIFA 12 Features

    Coming off the critical and commercial success of FIFA 11, EA Canada producer David Rutter says the team is already hard at work delivering "an enormous shopping list" of improvements for the next title in the popular soccer series. Speaking to OPM UK, Rutter shed light on studio's plans... More
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