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  • Blog Post: Fatal Frame Coming To Wii U This September In Japan

    Fatal Frame is coming to Wii U… at least in Japan. While this new entry in the series hasn’t be confirmed for a North American or European release, that doesn’t stop us from admiring the trailer. You’ll notice that the camera, a key element in the series, does make an appearance... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Koei And Nintendo To Co-Develop Fatal Frame Title For Wii U

    Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have announced a team-up that will result in a new Fatal Frame title for the Wii U. In addition to a new game in the “zero” series (as its known in Japan), the pair will explore transmedia opportunities, including movies and books. A horror movie planned for fall 2014... More
  • Blog Post: Fatal Frame Team Shows Off Ghost Camera For 3DS

    The team behind the Fatal Frame series offers its first peek at Ghost Camera for the 3DS. The trailer is all in Japanese, but it's pretty clear that the creatively titled Ghost Camera uses the 3DS' cameras and augmented reality to have players searching for ghosts. Fatal Frame has a reputation... More
  • Blog Post: Fatal Frame Team Announcing New Project

    Most people don't think of cameras are terrifying. Those people have not played Fatal Frame. If the thought of looking through a lens calls up good gaming memories for you, you'll be happy to hear that another Fatal Frame could be on the way. "I can't discuss exact details yet, but we... More
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