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  • Blog Post: Naughty Dog Animator Makes Dante's Inferno Fan Film "Dante's Redemption"

    Naughty Dog’s Senior Cinematic Animator Tal Peleg is a huge fan of Visceral Games’ 2010 action game Dante’s Inferno , so much so that he animated and directed “Dante’s Redemption,” a fan-made short film. You can check out the short, which stylishly details Dante’s... More
  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell Gets Live Action Fan Film

    Ubisoft’s gravel-throated spy is getting his own fan film thanks to the crew at Atomic Productions, and the teaser comes complete with hunky guys and cool night vision sound effects. We're used to seeing live action fan films about Street Fighter The Last of Us , and Batman , but we're... More
  • Blog Post: Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Web Series Releases All At Once

    The web series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist looks better than anything Hollywood has done with Capcom's iconic fighting series. Fans of the franchise will be able to consume this series Netflix style, when the entire show becomes available on day one. As we previewed earlier , Street Fighter... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Origins Prequel Fan Film Pits Deathstroke Against Black Mask

    If after playing Batman: Arkham Origins, you wondered how or why Black Mask and Deathstroke decided to work together – wonder no more. The short fan-film, titled Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin , appears on the GoingNowhereShow YouTube channel was directed by Chris and Larry White. The short serves... More
  • Blog Post: Fan Film Captures What We Want From Watch Dogs

    A month ago we learned that Watch Dogs’ release date was pushed back to spring 2014 . While this is disappointing, we want the best game experience we can get. Calm your Watch Dog woes by watching this fan film. We’ve seen how players can manipulate Ubisoft Montreal's high-tech open world... More
  • Blog Post: The Last Of Us Fan Film Sequel Is Appropriately Grim

    The sequel to Iron Horse’s fan film is a wonderful love letter to Naughty Dog’s post-pandemic masterpiece. The newest fan film revisits Joel and Ellie’s encounter with Bill in the game, and things go just as poorly. Impressive costumes and setting make this one fantastic fan film. It... More
  • Blog Post: Assassin's Creed IV: The Devil's Spear Short Film Trailer

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag isn't even out yet, but fans are already plundering Ubisoft's newest entry in the Assassin series for their own gains. CorridorDigital has clearly spent some time and money working on the The Devil's Spear short film, which is based on Ubisoft's upcoming... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends Fan Film Is Full Of Swords

    League of Legends has grown a massive following, so we're not surprised that people are starting to produce fan films based on the franchise. Here's one about ninjas! UK filmmakers and brothers Harry and George Kirby put together is League of Legends fan film about two brothers who are equally... More
  • Blog Post: New Fan-Created Sonic Film To Blend Live Action and CG

    In this proof-of-concept "spec film," Blue Core Studios intends to show its plans for a not-for-profit Sonic the Hedgehog film that uses both live actors and CG animation. The studio has even enlisted the talents of Sonic voice-acting vet (and Urkel actor) Jaleel White. The team hopes to get... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man X Fan Film Features Impressive Cyborg Battle

    Clearly, YouTube user OlanRogers is passionate about Mega Man X. He and I share that interest. I am confused though, as to why X is fighting Protoman. I thought the two characters existed in entirely separate time-frames in the Mega Man universe. Maybe it's not that important, and you should just... More
  • Blog Post: Impressive Portal Fan Film Trailer Aperture: Lab Ratt

    Portal 2 released nearly a year ago and yet fan projects keep trickling out into the world. Portal truly has one of the most dedicated fan bases in all of gaming. This trailer for Aperture: Lab Ratt – a Portal-inspired fan film from Synthetic PictureHaus – looks like it could be a genuinely... More
  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Street Fighter X Tekken Film Is Worth Paying For

    When Kazuya from Tekken step’s into Ryu’s dojo, you might expect the Street Fighter legend to offer a polite greeting. Thankfully, he offers up a few swift jabs instead. You could call this a fan made film, but the Los Angeles-based fight choreography team, Thousand Pounds Action Company... More
  • Blog Post: Left 4 Dead Fan Film Complete, Features Unlikely Cameos

    We first reported on Airsoft GI and Northern Five Entertainment's Left 4 Dead fan film earlier this month , and now the final video has been released. It follows the cast of the original Valve title as they work their way down zombie-infested city blocks. When things get a little too hairy, some... More
  • Blog Post: Left 4 Dead Fan Film Coming Soon

    If fan films get any better than this, what will we need professional filmmakers for? Airsoft GI teamed up with Northern Five Entertainment to produce a fan film for Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. If the finished product is as impressive as this trailer, then we’re in for a treat. The full video... More
  • Blog Post: Real Life Creepers Terrify In Minecraft: The Last Minecart

    Forget Dead Island . Nothing is more horrifying than a throng of Creepers, especially when they’ve evolved to walk the day. CooridorDigital recognized our instinctual fear of the pixilated plague bearers, and created an IRL tribute to Minecraft involving a plot to escape a city overrun by the undead... More
  • Blog Post: Anticipated Fan Short Beyond Black Mesa Debuts

    Months after the project was first teased , the anticipated independent fan film Beyond Black Mesa has debuted. Focusing on the tribulations of Adrian Shephard, the film was shot over a period of two years on a Canon HV20, took the efforts of seven friends, and cost a total of $1,200. We could say more... More
  • Blog Post: Duke Nukem Dictates The Fate Of Humanity In Fan Short

    Duke Nukem was vaulted back into the spotlight at PAX this past September when Gearbox announced the resurrection of Duke Nukem Forever. Capitalizing on his newfound relevancy, a team of fans have put together a short film as an homage to The Duke’s legacy and to thank Gearbox for bringing him... More
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