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  • Blog Post: Count Down To Fallout’s Nuclear Apocalypse With This Vault-Tec Watch

    Set in the distant future, the Fallout series' iconic post-apocalypse is one of the most grim, yet darkly comedic settings in all of gaming. With Bethesda's new Vault-Tec Aviator watch, you can eagerly count down the minutes until the bombs drop and we can all sit around a campfire eating Radroach... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Summer Sale Heats Up

    Valve's digital distribution service just kicked off its annual summer sale, and there are some great deals to be had. The Steam Summer Sale runs through July 22, and will feature a rotating roster of discounted games. There will also be fan voting on deals -- right now you can vote for either Magicka... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout Developers Considering Joining Fan Created Web Series

    Fallout: New Vegas senior designer Chris Avellone and Tim Cain, the lead programmer of the original Fallout, are thinking about getting involved with the fan created web series Fallout: Nuka Break, but there is a catch. Nuka Break is a Kickstarter funded web series, and even though it has already met... More
  • Blog Post: Obsidian Missed New Vegas Bonus Payment By A Single Metacritic Point

    Obsidian is reportedly in trouble due to the cancellation of an upcoming project and the layoff of some of its employees, and it's tempting to think what could have been if Fallout: New Vegas had scored just a tad better. The game's lead designer at developer Obsidian, Chris Avellone, has tweeted... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout: New Vegas' Lead Designer Releases Mod For His Own Game

    Joshua Eric Sawyer, Fallout: New Vegas' lead designer, has released a mod for players looking for a more challenging game. Titled the JSawyer, this mod is not an official release from Obsidian, but as Joshua points out "it does provide insight into the aims of the lead developer and contains... More
  • Blog Post: Why Skyrim May Not Be Working Right On PS3

    Some PlayStation 3 owners are still experiencing severe frame rate issues and stuttering with The Elder Scolls V: Skyrim, and the issue appears to be stemming from the console hardware itself. Fallout New Vegas developer Joshua Sawyer of Obsidian explains in his personal Q&A on Formspring that the... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Delayed

    The Lonesome Road to New Vegas has hit a pothole. Today, on Bethesda's official blog, senior producer Jason Bergman posted an announcement to fans that the DLC add-on pack Lonesome Road for Fallout: New Vegas will not be released this month and -- at current time -- the company has no confirmed date... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer For Fallout: New Vegas' Old World Blues DLC

    Bethesda Softworks and developer Obsidian Entertainment team up to give games the chance to explore the Mojave's Big Empty research center. The DLC is available from July 19 on Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam, and you can also get a look at some screens from the DLC here . More
  • Blog Post: Fallout: New Vegas' Honest Hearts DLC Is Out Now On 360 And PC

    The first of a summer triple pack of Fallout: New Vegas DLC is out today on Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the creepy digital box art. To learn more about the Honest Hearts content, check out the trailer . It runs 800 Microsoft points and $9.99 on Steam. Bethesda says that the PlayStation 3 version "will... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer For Fallout: New Vegas' Honest Hearts DLC

    Is Honest Hearts' Burned Man a looney or the "right hand of God"? Take a look in this trailer for the forthcoming DLC. While traveling through Utah's Zion National Park, your caravan is ambushed and you are thrust into a conflict between two warring sides, including the mysterious Burned... More
  • Blog Post: Bethesda Outlines Fallout: New Vegas DLC Schedule

    If you're a Fallout: New Vegas fan, odds are you're itching for some additional content by now. Bethesda has finally released a clearer picture of what's ahead for the game's DLC after some earlier leaks . Starting May 17 with Honest Hearts, the game will be getting monthly DLC content... More
  • Blog Post: Layoffs Hit Obsidian

    The developer behind Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, and the upcoming Dungeon Siege III has laid off several employees. The news comes as affected employees have updated their twitter feeds over the last few days, announcing their departure from the company. It isn't unusual for a publisher to... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout: New Vegas' Honest Hearts DLC Revealed?

    A few months ago , talk hit the internet that Bethesda was readying New Vegas DLC, one of which was called Honest Hearts. Video evidence for this DLC has apparently been leaked. A trailer for Honest Hearts has been taken down, but not before Duck and Cover grabbed this still. It looks and smells like... More
  • Blog Post: This Fallout Movie Almost Got Made

    The Fallout franchise may still be waiting on a big screen debut, but way back in the series' early days a script for a potential Fallout film was already written. New details about that movie have now surfaced. Fallout wiki site The Vault has uncovered and posted a full PDF of the second revision... More
  • Blog Post: [UPDATE] Next Fallout: New Vegas DLC Details Leaked?

    [UPDATE] Bethesda responds to the leaked DLC rumors! "The info in that story is not correct. We will be letting people know the plan for upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLCs in the next couple of weeks," says a Bethesda rep. Well, at least we'll get the real details about New Vegas' DLC... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Meets Fallout In Fan Video

    Because one "Star Wars meets" story in a night is clearly not enough for me, this time I found a video that has Darth Vader doing what he does best: cutting fools. YouTube user Mans1ay3r (ugh) has posted the video below, which features Darth Vader invading the world of Fallout: New Vegas. See... More
  • Blog Post: Future New Vegas DLC Hitting 360, PS3, PC Simultaneously

    Bethesda has done a great job in supporting its games after they've been released--if you're playing on the Xbox 360. While a multitude of post-release DLC has been available in the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, PlayStation 3 users have had to wait months for the content to hit their... More
  • Blog Post: WGA Announces Video Game Writing Nominees

    The Writers Guild of America’s East and West labor unions have united to announce nominations for achievement in video game writing for 2010. An awards ceremony will be held on February 5 simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York to honor the best qualifying video game scripts released from December... More
  • Blog Post: The First Trailer For Fallout: New Vegas' Dead Money DLC

    Bethesda has released the first trailer for the Xbox 360-exclusive Fallout: New Vegas DLC entitled Dead Money. We shouldn't have to threaten to blow your head off to get you to watch. As a captured wastelander, the only way to survive is to do what your master says, otherwise he'll activate the... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout New Vegas Patch Has Been Submitted

    Last month Bethesda told frustrated New Vegas players that a patch designed to fix some of the game's crippling bugs would be coming in a few weeks. A few weeks have now gone by, and -- surprise! -- the patch is ready. This has got to be the most mundane miracle ever. Here's the tweet from the... More
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