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  • Blog Post: How One Artistic Smash Bros. Fan Convinced People Rayman Is Joining The Roster

    A short video of Rayman appearing on the Super Smash Bros. Wii U character select screen started making the rounds on the Internet recently. It was shared and even reported on in some cases as a leak, but today its creator has come clean with a full tutorial on how he made the "leaked" video... More
  • Blog Post: StarCraft II: Herald Of The Stars Playable Backwards, Forwards, And Not At All [April Fools' Day]

    Alongside the announcement of Blizzard's fake fighting game , comes the announcement of a new fake StarCraft II campaign. According to a post on Battle.net , "Herald of the Stars will feature a revolutionary non-linear campaign. It can be played backwards, forwards, with any mission in any order... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil Composer Admits Fraud, May Not Be Deaf

    The strange revelations regarding famed video game composer Mamoru Samuragochi continue. After he admitted that another composer had created his works, reports are now stating that he may have faked being deaf. ABC News reported yesterday that Samuragochi (pictured above), who was known as "Japan's... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Half-Life 3 Trademark Listing Was A Hoax

    Earlier in the week, news circulated about a trademark listing for Half-Life 3 , which had been filed in the Trade Marks and Designs Registrations Office of the European Union website, leading many to believe that an announcement for the game would soon follow. It seems that the news of Half-Life 3's... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Attempting To Acquire Domain Name Of Fake Halo 4 Beta Site

    The Halo 4 publisher recently filed a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum to acquire the domain Halo4beta.net, which had been posing as a Halo 4 Beta registration site. 343 Industries David Ellis had already warned fans via his Twitter account that the site was fake. In response the domain was... More
  • Blog Post: Pig Out On These Angry Birds-Themed Pork Rinds

    Get your munch on with this high protein, high fat snack! Product contents were collected by the pig savvy folks at ThinkGeek from underneath wreckage caused by some pissed off birds. Scraps were deep fried in oil and seasoned to deliciousness. Who knew green pigs were so good?! How can you get your... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Confirms PS4 Viral Video Is Fake

    If you pay attention to the video game blogosphere, you may have witnessed a couple of mysterious YouTube videos floating around from a YouTube channel named " SCELabs ." The videos claimed to be leaked teasers for an impending PlayStation 4 announcement. Guess what? They aren't. Sony hardware... More
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