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  • Blog Post: Everything You Need To Know About Bloodborne...Well Some Things

    We're guessing that most of you could probably use a break from Bloodborne. The game mercilessly tears players apart, but surprisingly keeps them coming back for more. Why don't you step back, take a fresh breath of air, and watch this video on the game while you collect yourself. Watch this... More
  • Blog Post: Fast Facts About The PlayStation 4

    Technology has come a long way since the original Sony PlayStation. Find out how the PlayStation 4 compares to past consoles in this interesting video deconstruction of the system. Did you know that the PS4 hard drive is equivalent to over 64,000 PS2 memory cards? You will after you watch the video below... More
  • Blog Post: "Did You Know?" Video Puts Progress In Perspective

    Usually, if a press event starts off with a video, it's a compilation of game footage set to obnoxiously loud (and bad) house music. Telltale mixed things up a bit at its San Francisco gathering last night, choosing instead to show off a series of thought-provoking facts and predictions. Even if... More
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