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  • Blog Post: See Mario Kart 8's F-Zero Mute City Track Played At The New 200cc Difficulty At 60FPS

    Ahead of the new speed/difficulty's release release, Nintendo has shared a video showcasing it on Mario Kart 8's Mute City track. You can check out the video below, and if you're on a Chrome browser you can crank the video's quality all the way up to see the course at 60 FPS. The 200cc... More
  • Blog Post: Game Boy Advance's F-Zero: GP Legend Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    The F-Zero game with a story that released on Game Boy Advance in 2004, is now available on Wii U Virtual Console. Based on an anime of the same name, F-Zero: GP Legend gives a few of the game's 34 different playable characters racing-focused missions with story moments. The game also has the standard... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo’s Smashing Sale Enters Week 2 With Zelda, Fire Emblem, And More

    Nintendo’s second week of its Smashing Sale is underway, with a sizeable roster of combatants featured. Whether you’re looking for something new, or a burst of nostalgia, you might find something of interest on discount. The Legend of Zelda crew (Link, Toon Link, Zelda, and Sheik) are represented... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario Bros. 3 Out Now On Wii U And 3DS

    Rejoice! Super Mario Bros. 3, one of Nintendo's most beloved NES platformers, is finally out on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. You could celebrate by dressing up in your Tanooki suit, or you could just relive the good ol' days with the trailer below. Even if Mario isn't your game of choice, several... More
  • Blog Post: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity And Golden Sun Trailers Remind Us They're Coming To Wii U Soon

    Nintendo has released a pair of trailers to highlight next week's Game Boy Advance Virtual Console releases. To see trailers for the Game Boy Advance games that have so far released on the Wii U's Virtual Console head here . Thursday saw the release of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and WarioWare... More
  • Blog Post: Miyamoto Doesn't Have New Ideas For F-Zero

    Nintendo undeniably has the richest stable of first-party franchises in the contemporary console landscape. Recently, our own Ben Reeves suggested that Big N give hungry gamers a new Metroid. Samus Aran isn't the only Nintendo star being neglected. Captain Falcon needs some love, too. In an interview... More
  • Blog Post: Shigeru Miyamoto On The Future Of F-Zero And The Creation Of Link

    French gaming website Gamekult.com recently posted an interview with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto where he was surprised to hear excitement about the F-Zero series and spoke about Link's creation. You will have to forgive any translation errors, as my knowledge of French stretches only as far... More
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