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  • Blog Post: PSA: CCP Games Aims To Help Nepal With PLEX For GOOD Campaign

    Following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, Nepal and the surrounding region was absolutely devastated. The death toll was upwards of 6,000 people, with millions of people still needing assistance. CCP Games, the studio behind Eve Online, took notice of the approximately 8 million people affected... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Humble Store Slashing Prices On Space Games This Weekend

    In space, no one can hear you save. This is a shame, because there are reasons you might want to share this news. Humble Bundle is running a weekend sale feature space games, with prices cut on recent blockbusters and indie gems. The highlight of the sale is Alien: Isolation for $16.99. You’ll... More
  • Blog Post: This Eve Online Trailer Makes Me Want To Play The Game

    The sci-fi MMO Eve Online is so big and sprawling that it's hard to describe in only a few words. Thankfully, CCP Games has collected the words of many of its players to craft this spellbinding trailer that makes this 11-year-old title very enticing. In September CCP Games issued a call to EVE Online... More
  • Blog Post: EVE Online Developer Shuts Down SF Studio

    EVE Online developer CCP Games has shut down its studio in San Francisco, and two executives have left the company. Gamasutra reports that CCP's revenues for the first six months of this fiscal year were down slightly from the same time last year, but earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation... More
  • Blog Post: CCP Lays Off 49 Staff Members From Publishing Arm

    EVE Online developer CCP is in the midst of layoffs at its headquarters in Iceland and other locations. The company also laid off nearly 60 employees in April following the cancelation of World of Darkness. CCP confirms it has laid off 49 employees, marking the end of its layoff process started earlier... More
  • Blog Post: Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff To Lead EVE: Valkyrie Cast

    CCP, the developer of EVE Online, has announced that Katee Sackhoff will star in its upcoming VR project, EVE: Valkyrie. Sackhoff, who appeared as Starbuck in SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica , will voice a character named Rán. Sackhoff is no stranger to science fiction, having also appeared... More
  • Blog Post: CCP Atlanta Hit With Layoffs, World of Darkness Canceled

    Eve Online developer, CCP Games, was working on an MMO set within the fictional vampiric universe of World of Darkness. After several layoff to it's Atlanta studio, however, the blood-sucking MMO has been canceled. This isn't the first time that CCP – or World of Darkness – has suffered... More
  • Blog Post: EVE Online Lead Designer Joins League Of Legends

    Lead designer at CCP Games for EVE Online, Kristoffer Touborg, recently announced that he will be relocating to Dublin to begin working with Riot Games on League of Legends. Touborg made the announcement of his career change on Facebook where he expressed a great appreciation for the opportunty to work... More
  • Blog Post: Update: More Than 4,000 Players Take Up Arms In EVE Online

    Update: CCP is still working through all the statistics of the battle, but it has revealed a few numbers. The most combatants that were online at one time capped out at 4,070 players, but CCP says the more than 5,000 players were involved. You can head here to read the original declaration of war, and... More
  • Blog Post: DDoS-Affected EVE Online Players To Receive Free Skill Points

    EVE Online and Dust 514 players affected by the surprise shut down of the servers due to a DDoS attack , are being rewarded for their patience with skill points. Players will receive 50,000 unallocated skill points as an apology for the downtime. As long as you've updated to the most recent version... More
  • Blog Post: [Updated] EVE Online And Dust 514 Back Online Following DDoS Attack

    Update #2: CCP has sounded the all-clear, returning Tranquility cluster (responsible for EVE Online and Dust 514) to online status. The company has issued a full statement on what happened, how it reacted, and assures that no customer data was compromised. The full statement follows: At 02:05 UTC June... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514 Officially Launches Today

    Dust 514, the first MMO free-to-play shooter for consoles, officially launched today for PlayStation 3. To start playing, just hop on your PlayStation 3, download the game, and start shooting. Dust 514 is a companion game to EVE Online, with the outcomes of battles of both games having an effect on one... More
  • Blog Post: Nearly 3,000 Players Participated In One EVE Online Battle

    Recently, there was a massive battle in EVE Online that featured over 2,800 players duking it out in space with their space ships. Thankfully someone grabbed a few screens of the absurd spectacle. The politics and factions of EVE Online are as difficult to follow as those in the real-world, so it's... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514's Open Beta Coming Next Week

    CCP Games' ambitious plan to merge the world of EVE Online and its upcoming shooter Dust 514 is inching closer to reality. The studio has already migrated EVE players to new Dust 514-friendly servers, and now an open Dust beta is almost here. All PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download the... More
  • Blog Post: Link Loses Out To Marty McFly In Lego Cuusoo Review

    Lego Cuusoo is a website that challenges brick builders to create sets that could potentially be turned into official Lego products. This process consists of three steps: Have an idea? Create a project, share your product concept, and see what other people think. Get 10,000 supporters. Projects with... More
  • Blog Post: Eve Players Loot New In-Game System For Unheard-of Wealth, Troll Everyone

    Space MMORPG Eve Online's greatest feature is the freedom it gives to players to run the galaxy however they want. Sometimes, those players make us profoundly glad we don't play Eve seriously – though their exploits are fun to read about. The infamous Goonswarm found a few holes in the... More
  • Blog Post: Use EVE Online Currency To Buy Your Next Graphics Card

    In case you needed any more evidence that we live in the future, here's the latest crazy EVE Online development: CCP Games has announced that you will soon be able to purchase a new NVIDIA graphics card using one of EVE's forms of in-game currency. According to CCP, players will be able to use... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514 Bringing F2P To PS3

    The PlayStation 3 shooter MMO will be free to download and play according to a press release from developer CCP Games this morning. The explosive growth of high quality, non-exploitative free-to-play action games in the PC space over the last year or so should make this no surprise to anyone. League... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514 Beta Now Taking Applications From Active EVE Online Subscribers

    The PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter counterpart to the MMO, EVE Online, is now allowing active EVE Online subscribers to sign up for the closed beta. If you're an EVE Online player, and own a PlayStation 3, and, of course, have interest in partaking in the beta, click here . Dust 514... More
  • Blog Post: World Of Darkness MMO Put On Back Burner

    CCP Games, the developer and publisher of space MMORPG Eve Online and the upcoming PS3 tie-in Dust 514, has announced that it is laying off 20 percent of its global workforce and shifting development resources to better focus on launching Dust and creating Eve expansions. The World of Darkness MMO, announced... More
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