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  • Blog Post: NASCAR Could Benefit From A "Strong U.S. Influence In Development"

    Former NASCAR developer Eutechnyx has officially confirmed the transfer of rights to new holder DMi Games , and as proud of what it did for the series, even U.K.-based Eutechnyx admits that bringing development back to the U.S. could be good for the brand. "NASCAR is all-American and benefits from... More
  • Blog Post: New Company Gets Exclusive NASCAR Rights

    As NASCAR racing teams prepare for Daytona in February, video game fans of stock-car racing may be wondering when the next installment of the NASCAR franchise is coming. The exact answer to that remains up in the air, but a new player on the scene – DMi Games – has announced that it has worked... More
  • Blog Post: Where's Our NASCAR '14 Review?

    NASCAR '14 by ETX Racing (Eutechnyx's NASCAR label) releases today, but we've got a great reason why our review isn't up yet. We weren't able to play the game's multiplayer mode before release, so we're going to play the mode to our satisfaction before posting our review.... More
  • Blog Post: Eutechnyx Announces MOBA Set In Warhammer 40K

    Today Eutechnyx announced Storm of Vengeance, a MOBA set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K universe. Players will battle on planet Piscina IV and can choose to fight as the bloodthirsty orks or the perennially cool dark angel space marines. This is a new approach to the franchise, leaving the turn... More
  • Blog Post: Deep Silver Announces NASCAR ’14

    Deep Silver, publisher of the Dead Island and Metro series, announced their new racing title NASCAR ’14. The game will launch on current consoles and seeks to create the NASCAR gaming experience for fans. New online multiplayer racing and all official teams and tracks are available for players... More
  • Blog Post: NASCAR Highlights DLC: Do You Have What It Takes?

    The NASCAR season is underway, and we've already had a clutch of memorable moments. Now you can relive some of them thanks to NASCAR the Game: Inside Line's first mid-season DLC pack. We try them out and see what it's like to try and replicate reality. Naturally, the challenges based on real... More
  • Blog Post: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Driver Lineup Announced

    Activision and developer Eutechnyx have announced the full field of 43 Sprint Cup drivers that will be in NASCAR the Game: Inside Line. The list contains all the drivers currently in the top 35 except for AJ Allmendinger and David Reutimann, and includes others outside of it like David Stremme, Scott... More
  • Blog Post: Vote For NASCAR the Game: Inside Line's Cover Star

    In what seems to be a popular trend among the sports games recently, you can vote for the cover star of Activision's NASCAR the Game: Inside Line. The voting process is a four-round, bracketed tournament that culminates in a winner announced on July 15. Voting begins today sometime after 1 pm (EST... More
  • Blog Post: NASCAR 2011 Dev Diary Gets Under The Hood

    One of the challenges facing racing-game developers is how you cater to both the hardcore and casual fans. That's a particular problem with NASCAR games, considering the popularity of the sport. Not everyone who watches it on TV or attends races is interested in fiddling with suspension settings... More
  • Blog Post: NASCAR 2011 Delayed

    Activision and developer Eutechnyx are starting from the ground up with NASCAR The Game 2011, but the pair's first foray into the sport has been taken back to the garage. Without citing any particular reason, the game's release date has been pushed back to March 29. It's not a big delay by... More
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