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  • Blog Post: The Term ‘Free-To-Play' Might Be On Its Way Out

    Earlier this month, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority issued a ruling that may have far-reaching implications for free-to-play games. The organization deemed that EA’s use of the word “free” with regard to Dungeon Keeper Mobile (a title that uses in-app microtransactions... More
  • Blog Post: European Commission Investigating Marketing Of Free-To-Play Games

    The European Union’s executive branch is meeting with large technology companies to discuss the the impact and regulation of free-to-play games . The concern stems in part from the way in-app purchases are communicated to users, with children particularly at risk. The Commission will be speaking... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Half-Life 3 Trademark Listing Was A Hoax

    Earlier in the week, news circulated about a trademark listing for Half-Life 3 , which had been filed in the Trade Marks and Designs Registrations Office of the European Union website, leading many to believe that an announcement for the game would soon follow. It seems that the news of Half-Life 3's... More
  • Blog Post: Valve Files Half-Life 3 Trademark

    Forget the weird controller, here's the Valve news we've been waiting for. NeoGAF posters Shinobi602 and Rosti spotted the filing on the Trade Marks and Designs Registrations Office of the European Union website. While we can't link directly, you can go to this page and enter 012180394 into... More
  • Blog Post: EU Rules You Can Sell Your Digital Game Licenses

    The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that publishers cannot prevent you from selling your licenses for digital content, effectively allowing the sale of used downloadable games. There is nothing wrong with publishers including disclaimers in their license agreements saying that you can't... More
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