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  • Blog Post: Learn How Hitler's Cameo In Persona 2: Innocent Sin Complicated Localization For North America

    The true second Persona game, Innocent Sin, took 12 years to make it to North America and it was partially due to the inclusion of Hitler and other real-world references. There are two Persona 2 games: Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment released in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Eternal Punishment was... More
  • Blog Post: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Has A PSP And Vita Problem

    Yesterday's PSN release of Persona 2:Eternal Punishment was exciting for many RPG fans, but disappointing for others. Players hoping to experience the game on PSP or Vita discovered that it would not download to those devices. The game was intended to be playable on PS3, Vita, and PSP, but the PS3... More
  • Blog Post: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Available Now On PSN

    What once was a rumor , is now a Sony confirmed fact. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is available now on the PlayStation Network. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment originally released for the PlayStation, and it shouldn't confused with Persona 2: Innocent Sin which released for the PSP in 2011. It's... More
  • Blog Post: ESRB Rating Points To Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Coming To PSN

    Not to be confused with Persona 2: Innocent Sin, the PSP game that is already available on the PlayStation Network, it looks like Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the hard to find PlayStation game, is coming soon to Sony's online store. The rumor of the game's impending release comes from the ESRB... More
  • Blog Post: Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP Remake Revealed

    It looks like the trend of Persona games getting ported to and updated on the PSP is set to continue. The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that PS1 title Persona 2: Innocent Sin will be receiving a PSP makeover soon. Silicon Era has the full report from Famitsu, which notes that the remake will include... More
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