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  • Blog Post: Bethesda Confirms No End After Main Story And No Level Cap For Fallout 4

    Responding to what is likely the voices of thousands of curious fans, Bethesda took to twitter to clarify details about Fallout 4's end-game. According to the tweet below , Fallout 4 doesn't end with the main story, and there is no level cap. To our fans who’ve asked: Fallout 4 doesn’t... More
  • Blog Post: Sunset Developer Tale Of Tales Closing Its Doors

    Tale of Tales, the developer behind the recently released Sunset, is shutting down with no plans to make more commercial games in the future. The main reason for the developer's closure is the poor sales of Sunset and the unrecouped investment that was poured in the game. Reading a very honest blog... More
  • Blog Post: How To Easily Watch Halo 3 And Halo 4’s Secret Legendary Endings In The Master Chief Collection

    Players who played Halo 3 and 4 on Xbox 360 had to beat the games on Legendary to see the secret endings, but all Master Chief Collection owners have to do is sit back and watch. All the levels on all the campaigns are open right from the start of the game and you can play them at any difficulty. In... More
  • Blog Post: SNK Blocks The Manufacture Of NeoGeo X

    NeoGeo X, the retro re-release of the NeoGeo home console, has been officially discontinued as of October 2. The console and its accompanying game packs were manufactured by Tommo which had a license to create and manufacture the product from NeoGeo owners SNK Playmore. In a notice on SNK Playmore's... More
  • Blog Post: Red 5 Suspending Firefall PvP To "Rethink It And Relaunch"

    Red 5 Studios, the developer behind Firefall, has made the decision to suspend the PvP aspect of the game so that it can, "Regroup, rethink, and deliver the best PvP system we can that can be enjoyed by everyone." PvP has been an important focus for Red 5 Studios, but players just aren't... More
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