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  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth Expansion Arrives October 30

    The Binding of Isaac’s disturbing and compelling lore expands next month. Nicalis has revealed the release date for the PC version of the expansion. Afterbith arrives on October 30 for PC ($9.99, console release date coming soon), complete with a few new features. These include a variety of enhancements... More
  • Blog Post: Team Meat's Edmund McMillen Launches Strange New Game, Fingered

    Edmund McMillen may or may not be working on Super Meat Boy 2 , but you don't have to wait any longer for another dose of his charmingly bizarre humor. McMillen's latest game, Fingered, launched on Steam yesterday, and only costs $1.87. McMillen describes Fingered as "a randomly generated... More
  • Blog Post: Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Is The Second Title To Require The New 3DS

    Yesterday, we received an odd and slightly humorous missive about the impending release of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on more platforms. Unfortunately, the developers were unable or unwilling to confirm it wasn’t an April Fools joke, so we held off on reporting it. Now that the most adorable ( read... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Meat Boy Unveiled At PAX

    Update: Team Meat's Edmund McMillen took to Twitter to clarify what type of game Super Meat Boy Forever is. It is not an endless runner, as previously reported. The following tweets by McMillen clarify that it is indeed a full-fledged game comparable to Super Meat Boy. i should also point out Super... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Details Revealed

    The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen has revealed a ton of tantalizing details about the upcoming 16-bit remake. McMillen announced The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth back in August 2012 as a new-and-improved console version of the game that would feature additional modes, bosses, playable characters... More
  • Blog Post: Custom Magic: The Gathering Cards Celebrate Indies And Are Designed For Play

    Magic: The Gathering has been around for 20 years, and in that time the game has grown and matured alongside its player base. It's also spawned a number of custom formats, one of which is "the cube." The cube is a large set of cards designed to play well together that are then split into... More
  • Blog Post: Team Meat's Tommy Refenes Offers Extensive Steam Controller Impressions

    Team Meat's programmer Tommy Refenes has spent time with Valve's unique controller playing games like Super Meat Boy and Spelunky, and has written up a lengthy blog detailing his impressions of the new device. You can check out the full blog here where Refenes begins by explaining how picky he... More
  • Blog Post: Team Meat's Mew-Genics Will Be Playable For The First Time At PAX

    Mew-Genics, from the makers of Super Meat Boy, will be making its first playable appearance at PAX. Along with being playable at the show in August, Team Meat's Edmund McMillan has also put together what he calls a "comic/activity book" that will apparently be full of details about the... More
  • Blog Post: Team Meat Uninterested In Console Development

    Team Meat, creators of the popular indie franchise Super Meat Boy, say they are not interested in console development. "When you look at the stress that comes with Steam and iOS and the Google Play store, you look at those and you look at which hoops you'd have to jump through to get on any... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Game: The Movie and Basement Collection Bundle Due Out March 8

    Super Meat Boy creator, Edmund McMillen, is releasing a retail version of his game compilation, The Basement Collection. It's coming on March 8, along with the documentary, Indie Game: The Movie , which recounts the production of Super Meat Boy and its journey to Xbox Live Arcade. The Basement Collection... More
  • Blog Post: Team Meat Is Not Working On An Unannounced Super Meat Boy Game

    Today, Team Meat posted an update for its upcoming game Mew-Genics. In that post Edmund McMillen said that he and his programming partner Tommy Refenes, "decided to officially pause work on the next Super Meat Boy," in order to focus on Mew-Genics. The "next Super Meat Boy" in question... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Is Coming To Consoles

    We've known that Isaac was coming to consoles at some point and with a few changes, but now we have a better understanding of what exactly those changes are. In a postmortem on Gamasutra , Isaac's (and Super Meat Boy) creator Edmund McMillen outlined exactly what will be new in the full remake... More
  • Blog Post: Super Meat Boy Creators Announce New Game

    Team Meat, a developer whose name suddenly seems inappropriate when it's making a game that isn't about a meat shaped boy, announced its next game and it's about cats... kinda. The announcement comes from Team Meat's blog where it offered the above image, the title of the game, Mew-Genics... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac Is Coming To Consoles

    The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen confirmed on his official Formspring blog recently that the game is being remade for consoles. The remade console version will include the Wrath of Lamb expansion and will feature new modes, bosses, items, playable characters, co-op and other additions that... More
  • Blog Post: Binding Of Isaac Blocked From 3DS Due To "Questionable Religious Content"

    Bad news for anyone who was looking forward to playing the bloody indie sensation Binding of Isaac on 3DS: This dungeon crawler from Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen apparently won't be coming to the handheld following a decision by Nintendo. McMillen tweeted the unfortunate announcement late... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding of Isaac Gets A Free Demo And Content Update

    Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Isaac is only $5 on Steam, but those still unsure can try the demo for free while fans can look forward to new stuff. McMillen sent out the announcement in the middle of the night to let fans know about the demo on Newgrounds that includes two levels, eight possible... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac Out Now

    The new roguelike from Team Meat's Edmund McMillen is now available on Steam for $5. It might not be an official Team Meat game, but the art style will be instantly familiar to fans of Super Meat Boy. However, The Binding of Isaac has its own selling points, including randomly generated dungeons... More
  • Blog Post: Release Date, Pricing, And Details For The Binding Of Isaac Revealed

    Edmund McMillen, one half of Super Meat Boy's Team Meat, is just over a week from releasing his next game, The Binding of Isaac, on Steam. According to his blog , the game will release on September 28 for $5. In the blog post, McMillen speaks at length about how he created a sense of progression... More
  • Blog Post: Super Meat Boy Co-Creator's New Game Coming In August

    Edmund McMillen, one half of Super Meat Boy's Team Meat, has revealed more on The Binding of Isaac due next month. McMillen describes the game as "a roguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of Zelda (NES). At its core it controls like Smash TV/Robotron in a randomly generated semi-RPG... More
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