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  • Blog Post: NetherRealm’s Ed Boon Teases HD Update For Shaolin Monks

    Mortal Kombat creator and NetherRealm Studios chief Ed Boon has been known to tease projects and announcements on Twitter. Yesterday, he strongly hinted that a fan-favorite title might be getting a coat of paint for download services. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was an action game starring Liu Kang... More
  • Blog Post: Ed Boon: Injustice DLC Character Announcements Coming

    Injustice:Gods Among Us fans haven't seen the last of the game's DLC characters although the four related to the game's season pass have all come out. In a tweet replying to a fan, NetherRealm's Ed Boon teased that news on a new DLC character should be coming soon. In an interview Game... More
  • Blog Post: Scorpion Vs. Batman Happening Sooner Than You'd Think

    Earlier this week , long-time Mortal Kombat fighter Scorpion was revealed to be the latest addition to the Injustice: Gods Among Us cast. Now we know when the yellow, masked ninja will be playable. On June 11, the Scorpion DLC will be available for $4.99 on the PlayStation Network or 400 Microsoft Points... More
  • Blog Post: Ed Boon Wants To Know Who You Want To See In Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Ed Boon, the head of NetherRealm studios and creator of Mortal Kombat, recently a tweeted a link to a poll he is conducting to find what characters players want to see next in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The poll is unofficial, and in way does it represent who NetherRealm will be able to add to the roster... More
  • Blog Post: Ed Boon Moving Beyond Mortal Kombat, Hints On Injustice DLC, And Life After Midway

    With the launch of Injustice: Gods Among Us this week, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with NetherRealm creative director Ed Boon. During our conversation, we had a chance to talk about how Injustice evolved over its development, the tough choices made when selecting the roster of characters... More
  • Blog Post: Injustice Goes Up, Up And Away To Retail In New Launch Trailer

    This is going to be a very long weekend, as fans of DC Comics' pantheon of heroes await the release of NetherRealm's Injustice: Gods Among Us. Following the successful reboot of Mortal Kombat in 2011, Ed Boon's studio has been hard at work leveraging its experience to create something brand... More
  • Blog Post: Lobo Teased For Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat and creative director for Injustice: Gods Among Us, is teasing a possible Lobo appearance in Injustice. First, Ed Boon tweeted the image seen above with the text, "Hmmm... This guy?" Later, Boon replied to a fan who said that not featuring Lobo in the game... More
  • Blog Post: Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Book On The Way

    The video game based on comic book characters is getting a comic book soon, according to Ed Boon, co-founder of the development studio creating Injustice: Gods Among Us. The news comes from the EB Expo in Sydney. Boon said, "We're working on an Injustice comic book to carry the story and tell... More
  • Blog Post: NetherRealm's Ed Boon Talks About The Future

    NetherRealm Studios has appropriately become famous for the Mortal Kombat franchise, but creative director Ed Boon says that's not all the developer is interested in. Speaking to GameSpot , Boon was grateful for the success of Mortal Kombat, but was clear that NetherRealm has other plans in motion... More
  • Blog Post: NetherRealm Taking A Break From Mortal Kombat [Update]

    Update : Boon has clarified his comments over Twitter . He says NetherRealm has a number of projects in the works, not just Mortal Kombat. "NetherRealm is working on MK and non-MK games!" One of the multiple projects on the way was the recently released Batman: Arkham City Lockdown for iOS... More
  • Blog Post: Mortal Kombat Komplete Could Be On The Way

    The UK ratings board has recently deemed an understandable 18+ rating to something called Mortal Kombat Komplete. While this listing is the first knowledge we have of the game, we're presuming it's a new edition of the game incorporating all the new downloadable characters and maybe some new... More
  • Blog Post: Ed Boon Shows Off The Real Goro's Lair

    Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon posted a picture of NetherRealm's "Goro's Lair" arcade room on his Twitter account . Although the picture doesn't provide enough detail to make out the names of all of the arcade games, it would appear the company has a nice selection of classics to... More
  • Blog Post: Skarlett Coming To Mortal Kombat Within The Month

    Skarlett, the crimson-haired female ninja that originated as a color palate glitch, will be arriving within the month for owners of Mortal Kombat. This first DLC will contain the new character, but creator Ed Boon also says a patch is on the way. In his interview with G4 , Boon doesn't name specifics... More
  • Blog Post: Mortal Kombat Dev Not Allowed to Do 360-Exclusive Character

    NetherRealm's Ed Boon says that the developer wanted to create a 360-exclusive character, but were prevented from doing so due to pesky "circumstances." Speaking to Eurogamer , Boon said that the team wanted to give Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat owners their own character like PS3's Kratos... More
  • Blog Post: Ed Boon Fills Twitter Page With Joke Mortal Kombat Promises

    Ed Boon is an active member of Twitter, and it appears that he caught the April Fools bug today. While some may prefer to make subtle jokes today, Boon's are quite obviously gags. Here are his tweets thus far: Breaking News: MK moved to a fall release! Tonights DLC release will please many an MK... More
  • Blog Post: Ed Boon Tweets Potential DLC Characters For Mortal Kombat

    Fighting fans are eagerly anticipating the new Mortal Kombat, and series co-creator Ed Boon is looking to please the MK faithful by returning to the series' 2D roots. On top of the familiar gameplay, the game's roster is decidedly nostalgic; every character revealed so far has been from the first... More
  • Blog Post: Kratos Will Appear In Mortal Kombat On PS3, Other Characters Possibly Leaked

    We've seen crossovers in fighting games before (Link/Heihachi/Spawn in Soul Calibur II, Yoda and Vader in Soul Calibur IV, etc), but few are as perfect a fit as an appearance we've recently learned about. According to the latest issue of OPM, the God of War himself will be fully playable in the... More
  • Blog Post: A Konversation With Mortal Kombat's Ed Boon

    Ed Boon has been a part of Mortal Kombat since the series began. He programmed the first game, back when a team of four could realistically tackle such a project. As creative director for NetherRealm, Boon is charged with overseeing the latest installment in the series, which is simply titled Mortal... More
  • Blog Post: Original Johnny Cage Uploads MK1 Mo-Cap Footage To YouTube

    One of the many trademarks of the first three Mortal Kombat games was the use of digitized actors. Rather than following the anime-influenced look of the rival Street Fighter series, Ed Boon and his team at Midway grabbed martial artists and actors to actually play their roles in front of a camera. One... More
  • Blog Post: Mortal Kombat Built For Post-Launch Balancing

    Even the best, most dedicated QA team can miss a few problems with a game. In fighting games, particularly those with dozens of playable characters, balancing it all can be a nightmare. When players discover an exploit in a shooter or an overpowered move in a fighting game, it can ruin the experience... More
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