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  • Blog Post: EA's PGA Tour Slips Out Of 'Early 2015,' With Release Coming Between April And June

    EA only has one major release left in its current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2015. Back in July, when the company shared its first quarter FY2015 results , it said PGA Tour was on track for release in the current financial cycle. In the presentation slides to accompany today’s call, the... More
  • Blog Post: EA Significantly Exceeds Third Quarter FY15 Guidance, Digital Now 50 Percent Of Revenue

    EA has reported its results for its third quarter of the 2015 fiscal year. The company has evidenced strong revenue generation, exceeding its forecast by 12 percent. The publisher was targeting quarterly revenue of $1.275 billion and closed the quarter with $1.428 billion (Non-GAAP). That is down nearly... More
  • Blog Post: Download Dragon Age: Inquisition Tavern Songs And Sheet Music Free

    BioWare is bringing the sounds of Skyhold to you and, if you move quickly, you won’t have to pay a dime. The studio and publisher EA have released 10 tavern songs and their sheet music for download. Tracks include: I Am The One (composed by Inon Zur for Dragon Age: Origins) Once We Were Empress... More
  • Blog Post: Play Sims Free For 48 Hours On Origin

    EA is offering players a chance to try Sims 4 before they buy. The official Twitter account of EA's downloadable game service Origin tweeted out the offer today: "Want to try The Sims 4? You can now play 48 hours of FREE time with Origin Game Time! Go ahead and mess with life." The offer... More
  • Blog Post: Company Wants All EA Profits From Nine Sports Games Due To Alleged Patent Infringement

    EA will be heading to court to defend itself against a patent-infringement lawsuit tied to its sports titles. The suit was filed on January 15 by White Knuckle LLC, which holds a patent for updating video games based on real-world changes. The patent specifies mechanisms by which developers can update... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Theme Hospital Is Free From EA Origin

    Gaming isn’t usually a life or death matter, but in Theme Hospital… it’s still not a life or death matter. It’s just a video game, after all. Theme Hospital is the latest free game from EA via the Origin On the House program. The title was developed by Bullfrog Productions, which... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Patch 3 Will Fix Blocked Progression Problems

    BioWare has shared the patch notes for the upcoming third patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The update will be coming first to PC, with consoles to follow. This patch was designed primarily to fix bugs (rather than add new features). BioWare put focus on those problems that have impeded player progress... More
  • Blog Post: These Dragon Age: Inquisition Stats Are All About Sex

    Following yesterday’s information about dragon murder , BioWare has shared new details about player choices in the game. This time out, we find out how many of you chose male inquisitors versus female heroes. 68 percent of Inquisitors were created as males. Every platform on which the game appears... More
  • Blog Post: BioWare Shares Inquisition Stats, Including How Many Dragons You’ve Killed

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is a story of love and loss and demons. There are also dragons, and you have killed quite a few of them. Earlier today, BioWare shared some stats and tips related to the dragons of Thedas. As of earlier today, 2,602,377 of the enormous winged beasts have fallen before your Inquisitors... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield Hardline Is Getting Another Beta, But EA Isn't Saying When

    EA and Visceral are going to be holding another beta for the delayed cops-and-robbers entry in the Battlefield series. The test will include two modes, but we have no idea yet when it will start or how long it will last. EA says that the test will be open to all five platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Lawsuit Over Use Of Former NFL Players' Likeness In Madden Moves Forward

    A lawsuit involving former NFL players and their likenesses as they appear in Electronic Arts' Madden games is moving forward despite EA's attempt at an appeal. The lawsuit is related to EA's use of the likenesses of former NFL players in Madden games. Players like former Los Angeles Rams... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Expands (For Free) With ‘Destruction’

    Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer just got a little more dangerous. BioWare and EA have released a free update to the game that adds new paths to the existing multiplayer locations. In addition to the new winding ways through the scenery, the "Destruction" update introduces wildlife... More
  • Blog Post: EA Adds Brock Lesnar And Three Other Fighters To UFC For Free

    EA has added four more fighters to its inaugural UFC offering today. To take advantage of the new additions, you won’t need to spend a dime more. This latest update adds Brock Lesnar, Mark Coleman, Matt Hughes, and Rampage Jackson to the mix. This brings the total of post-launch roster additions... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] ‘There Is More Content Coming For Battlefield 4,’ Says DICE

    Update: According to DICE LA Producer David Sirland, the new content coming for Battlefield 4 won't cost players any money.. In a tweet spotted by MP1st , Sirland responds to a fan agreeing that the new material should be free. @BenMorrow1 @Battlefield Indeed, it does. — David Sirland (@tiggr_... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: EA Offering SimCity 2000 For Free As Latest ‘On The House’ Title

    Origin's 'On the House' initiative is offering a new free game with no strings attached: SimCity 2000. Released a full six years before the actual year 2000, you can grab SimCity 2000 for free as long as you have an Origin account by heading here . On the House games from Origin are completely... More
  • Blog Post: BioWare Plans For Dragon Age: Inquisition Patches Include New Features, Content

    With Dragon Age: Inquisition out the door, and gamers across Thedas solving its mysteries, BioWare is readying some updates for the title. In addition to fixes for some nagging problems, the studio will be adding in features and content that couldn’t be completed in time for launch. The game received... More
  • Blog Post: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Team Forms Hazelight, Teases New Game

    Brothers: A Tale of Two sons director Josef Fares and that game's core team have partnered with EA to form independent studio Hazelight, and have offered a very brief tease for its new game. EA has set aside some space for the new team at the DICE studio in Stockholm so they can get started right... More
  • Blog Post: Electronic Arts' Larry Probst To Step Down As An Employee

    In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing today, the company notified the agency of a change in position of longtime employee Larry Probst. Probst joined the company in 1984 and served as EA's executive leader following the departure of former CEO John Riccitiello . Effective January 1, Probst’s... More
  • Blog Post: Three EA Games Free During PlayStation Experience

    During the PlayStation Experience keynote, Peter Moore took the stage to announce a limited-time giveaway. During this weekend’s event, you can get a game free for each of the three active PlayStation systems. On Vita, you can download Need for Speed: Most Wanted. PlayStation 3 owners can grab... More
  • Blog Post: Jamie N Commons Tapped For Battlefield Hardline Theme

    Jamie N Commons' thumping anthem "Jungle" was used in the first teaser trailer for Battlefield Hardline, and the artist has followed up by writing a song exclusively for the game. If you tune in to tonight's Game Awards 2014, you'll be able to see him perform the new track, "Karma... More
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