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  • Blog Post: The World Of Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trailer

    Atari’s Test Drive Unlimited 2 is set in a tropical island that would make Magnum P.I. jealous. (People still like Magnum P.I., right?). If you don’t believe us, just check out the game’s newest trailer. Atari is set to deliver it’s open world racing experience early next year... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer's Best Of E3 Awards

    After a week of game reveals, tech demonstrations, Cirque du Soleil freakshows , and a weekend of the deepest sleep us GI editors have ever had, E3 is over. Now that we've taken some time to separate ourselves from the madness, we've come up with our picks for the best that E3 had to offer. Best... More
  • Blog Post: New God of War: Ghost Of Sparta New Screens

    Last week we brought you some hands-on impressions as well as the latest news regarding Sony’s newest God of War title for the PSP, but are you prepared to feast your eyes on the game's newest screens? You might want to sit down for this. More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid: Rising May Feature Fewer Cutscenes Than Previous Titles

    Ever since 1998, the Metal Gear Solid name has been synonymous with lengthy, involved cutscenes and codec conversations. However, Rising is looking more and more like it may be straying from series trademarks in many regards. Obviously, Rising is more of an action-oriented title, but it also appears... More
  • Blog Post: PDP And Disney Team For Tron And Epic Mickey Controllers

    To celebrate the game launches for both Disney Epic Mickey and the new Tron Legacy title coming from Disney Interactive, PDP has come up with some slick ideas to help you dive in head first. As you may have read in our extensive coverage of Epic Mickey, players will be painting the world as they see... More
  • Blog Post: Rock Band 3 Now With Real Guitars

    Rock Band 3 is a gigantic game. At first glance, it doesn't seem like a dramatic change from last year. But just a few minutes in the menus or songs of the game, and it becomes apparent that it's been designed from the ground up to reinvigorate and even reinvent the music game genre. There's... More
  • Blog Post: El Shaddai Is A Visual Gift From Heaven

    Of all the games I saw at E3 this year, El Shaddai was the one that I knew the least about going in and walked away from most excited to see more. This gorgeous third-person action game puts you into the blue jeans of Enoch, a human called on by God to hunt down fallen angels with the help of God's... More
  • Blog Post: New God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Details

    I already had a chance to log some hands-on time with Ready At Dawn's upcoming God of War: Ghost of Sparta, but the developer revealed a few new pieces of info today in a behind-closed-doors demo. The session showcased a section of the game missing from the build on the E3 show floor, taking place... More
  • Blog Post: What Is The Mystery Behind Journey?

    The team behind Flow and Flower is moving on to a third project that was revealed to a small group of journalists during the final hour of this year's E3. The remarkable new game, entitled Journey, is just as thoughtful and artful as thatgamecompany's previous projects, but understanding it is... More
  • Blog Post: Breaking: Atlus Publishing Handheld RPGs (And I Will Probably Play Them)

    Half of Atlus's E3 2010 line-up was taken up by what one might call their bread and butter: hardcore-targeted handheld RPGs. This morning I got to check out some gameplay and hear details on Etrian Odyssey III for the DS and Knights in the Nightmare for PSP. Etrian Odyssey III, which releases September... More
  • Blog Post: WWE All Stars Looks To Be The NBA Jam Of Wrestling Titles

    Back in 1993, NBA Jam did something few sports games have been able to do - it won over gamers who didn’t even care about basketball. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t tell Shaquille O’Neal from Wayne Gretzky; all that mattered is that the game offered fast-paced and over-the-top... More
  • Blog Post: Navigating Enslaved’s Lush World, First Hands-On

    We stepped onto Monkey’s new hover board and knocked a giant robotic dog off a cliff. Obviously, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is looking awesome. We’ve been tracking Ninja Theory’s futuristic action title for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve gotten our hands on the... More
  • Blog Post: Bodycount: Shooting The S--- Out Of Stuff!

    I got my hands on an early build of Codemasters' Bodycount, and two tent pole features of the game make the FPS stand out. Part of the development team of Bodycount features members from Criterion, who gave us Black on the PS2 -- so you know that the people behind Bodycount love their guns. This... More
  • Blog Post: Driver: San Francisco – So Crazy It Just Might Work

    Driver debuted in a pre-Grand Theft Auto gaming world and kicked plenty of butt with thrilling chases, jumps, and stunts. Ever since GTA innovated the open world landscape, the Driver series has been playing catch up to mostly poor results. Now Ubisoft has gone back to the drawing board to try to capture... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Blade Kitten

    Thanks to games like Shadow Complex and The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, 2D games are back in the spotlight. Enter Blade Kitten, a vibrant platformer about a pink-haired cat girl named Kit Ballard who fights alien monsters with a floating sword. Pretty standard, really. I didn’t stand a chance of... More
  • Blog Post: The World of Test Drive Unlimited 2

    The franchise continues to blur the line between online and off, and this latest installment continues to further its open world racing experience. The numbers behind Test Drive Unlimited 2 are impressive, but the 600 challenges, two huge islands (including the new one, Ibiza), and loads of cars aren't... More
  • Blog Post: Jaffe: Twisted Metal Originally Resembled Midnight Club

    E3 brought with it the exciting announcement of a new Twisted Metal of PlayStation 3. While the game being shown by Sony right now resembles Twisted Metal Black, according to series mastermind David Jaffe, the original concept was a very different, much tamer game. When asked during a recent Twisted... More
  • Blog Post: The Chase is On For Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

    The Need for Speed series has taken some crazy turns in the past few years, but it's trying to get back on course with Burnout developer Criterion at the helm. Which side of the law are you on? Fans have been screaming for more cop chases in Need for Speed, and EA and Criterion are giving them what... More
  • Blog Post: Hands On With Mortal Kombat

    The old Midway franchise returns with the help of Warner Bros., and this series re-boot goes back to what it does best - bone-crunching, nasty fighting. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe may have had Fatalities, but they weren't the old school, gory and over-the-top kind that we've come to expect... More
  • Blog Post: Sweet Tooth Returns In Twisted Metal Trailer

    It starts with two New York cabbies arguing and ends with some of the craziest vehicular mayhem the world has ever seen. Twisted Metal: Black and God of War creator Dave Jaffe is back behind the wheel of the Twisted Metal franchise, and we couldn't be more excited. This looks like it could be Sweet... More
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